Monday, June 22, 2015


Hey folks! I'm sort of relieved this weekend is past us because boy was it exhausting!! Not only did I work the entire weekend, but I had a birthday party and out of town guests whom I visited in the city. Let's just say, staying out past midnight when you have a 6am alarm the next morning does not appeal to me at all anymore.
Friday my sissy and I went to the newly renovated AMC theaters to watch Jurassic world. Can I just say I thought it was awesome and there could have been an hour more of that movie and I'd be totally ok with it. I loved the throwback to the old movies and the guy towards the end that saved his two margs while running from the dinos, talk about priorities!! If you are thinking of watching I say go go go!

Saturday after work, I headed downtown to the Wrigleyville area to meet up my friends for a trolley ride around downtown for a friends birthday. Now if only the weather cooperated, it would have been a fun night. As soon as I headed out to the city, it started drizzling and I said oh well that I can handle...well that was until it started downpouring when we were walking to the trolley. We couldn't even enjoy our stops that much because of all the lightening storms going on, places like Millenium Park/The Bean were off limits. Even though it downpoured basically the entire night, we made the best of it and embraced it after a while. We ended up getting out in the rain at Buckingham Fountain and taking pictures because they still had it lite up and it was gorgeous!

Sunday I was busy running errands and trying to enjoy the beautiful weather we had. We celebrated Father's Day with my pops, but kept it super low key just the way he likes it. I posted this picture to social media yesterday and I teared up remembering my cousins sweet 16 when my dad really wanted to slow dance with me, I was a brat then and reluctantly slow danced with him. It was the one and only time we've slow danced and it just made me think about a little over a year from now will be the second time I slow dance with my dad, at my wedding!! Little things lately have been making me sentimental and I know I'll be a blubbering mess at the wedding this weekend!

My sister and I headed down to the city to meet up some friends from out of town for deep dish. It was delicious of course and we headed out to The Aviary afterwards for cocktails. This place was so different from what I expected and what I'm used to. It's definitely an interesting place to try out and experience new things, but a little bit out of my comfort zone. They do have a speakeasy downstairs by the restrooms that we asked our waiter about. Apparently it can only hold about 12 people and they have some of the oldest bottles of whiskey, dating back to 1902!! Unfortunately they were packed last night so we couldn't head down there, but just hearing about it was pretty cool.
Now the drinks, they are a whole different ballgame. You don't go to this place and order a rum and coke or white wine, no no, you order the craziest concoctions of ingredients blended seamlessly together to create a very unique cocktail.

After heading home (late), I was exhausted and passed out almost immediately only to wake up again and start a fresh new work week. I wish I could say I have a break coming up, but this entire week will be a busy work week and I have a very close family friends' wedding coming up this weekend so I know I will have lack of sleep and exhaustion during that, but hopefully it'll be well worth it. I just keep thinking about Sunday and how I'll (hopefully) get to sleep in!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and work week ahead, I'm linking up with the beautiful Biana for weekending!!
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  1. Looks like a fabulous weekend despite the rain and having to work, and LOVE that the guy saved his two margs.. definitely a priority :-D

    Cheers to a fabulous week gurlie <3

  2. Sorry that you had to work - that is certainly not any fun!!! Glad you got in some quality family time too! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Busy busy weekend lady! That sucks yur trolley ride got interrupted by rain. The day Kate and I went to see the bean last year it down poured like crazy with lightening so it was off limits but we eventually got to see it later that day when it cleared up. It sucked wasting about 2 hours of our touring day huddling under a tent.

  4. Bummer that the weather didn't cooperate for your trolley ride!! SO much rain lately! And I've heard such good things about The Aviary - definitely on my to try list for when we're in Chicago!

  5. I agree--Jurassic World was great! Loved the special effects!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts