Monday, June 1, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Soooooo, I totally am posting a week later for my MDW shenanigans. A and I had planned to spend MDW together and take a little getaway to San Antonio during my visit. Also, happy first day of June!!!! Hopefully this means warm weather is here to stay in Chicago!

I flew into Houston on Saturday morning (see: early as heck in the morning) so we had the entire day to spend together which was awesome and totally worth waking up at 3 am for. We hit the ground running and met up with a few friends of his in Katy at this awesome place for brunch. If you're in the area check out Dish Society. I really love the area of Cinco Ranch with all the restaurants, shops, and play areas. We had an amazing brunch, which resulted in zero pictures mostly because we were just so hungry that pictures were the last thing on our minds. Afterwards we walked around before heading back home. We had made reservations at Painting with a Twist which I was really looking forward to. I had been once before, but A was really nervous to paint since it had been basically forever since he's done anything artsy. The group that was in the class was super entertaining and the instructors had a music trivia game throughout which made it super interactive and more fun for everyone.

That night we grabbed pizza for the family and watched as the Rockets got their butts handed to them in Game 6, at least the pizza was delicious I suppose.

Sunday morning we were awoken to some epic thundering and a tornado warning that left me worried we should have been doing more, but that's just the midwesterner in me. To think that wasn't even the worst of what was to come, but I'll get to that a bit later. We went back to sleep through the thunder and rain and woke up a couple hours later. After getting ready and grabbing a bite to eat, we headed out for our 3 hour trip to San Antonio. The weather was a bit ominous during our drive, but as we pulled into San Antonio, the sun couldn't be shining brighter. After settling into our hotel, we grabbed some food at the bar in the hotel and then headed out to the riverwalk. Since it was a long weekend it was quite busy with families, but it was still fun to walk around and visit the shops along the river. We made our way over to The Alamo and did some souvenir shopping. Since we were tired from the drive and walking around for a few hours we went to the hotel to take a catnap before getting ready for dinner that evening. 

As we were getting ready for dinner, A mentioned he wanted to head up to the terrace to check it out before going to the hotel restaurant. I didn't think much of it and said sure. Little did I know what was about to happen....I literally had no clue at this point that in just under 15 minutes we would be engaged!

We walked up to the terrace and walked into the most romantic proposal I could have ever dreamed up, he really did good, but I'm gonna be a tease and make you wait until Wednesday to read the entire proposal story so I can join in on the Wedding Wednesday link up :)!

So we got engaged in the veranda on the terrace and then headed down to the restaurant where they had a little romantic table set up overlooking the river, it really was special and I only wish we waited to post anything on social media until the next day because both of our phones were just going nuts all during dinner. We finally had to say just put the phones down and lets enjoy this moment. After calling our respective parents to tell them the good news (they all knew what was gonna happen already), we waited in line for the riverboat tour. It was about 9:30 pm, but the weather was gorgeous out and it was really the perfect follow up to a proposal/dinner. After the boat tour we grabbed some celebratory drinks at a wine bar nearby before heading back to the hotel. We both were really exhausted so after following up with our phones and enjoying the champagne and strawberries waiting in our room, we were ready to sleep!!

Such delicious Tiramisu cake!!

The next morning we took advantage of late check out and slept in. After packing up a bit, we decided to do one last stroll around the riverwalk and it was perfection. The crowds had disappeared and it was nice to just walk through with a nice breeze. For lunch we headed to the famous Casa Rio along the riverwalk and it was so yummy!

With some drizzle settling in, we decided to head out after lunch. Our drive back couldn't have been better timed, we got back well enough before the big flooding/storm hit thank god! After the storm finally hit us, we had a bit of flooding outside the house and the power went out for about 20 mins, but came back on. Not sure what we would have done the rest of the evening with no power/AC/etc. The storm definitely scared me into when I finally move down there, but it did comfort me that this was not a normal occurrence and I suppose since I survived it unscathed, I'm pretty set to live in this crazy state!

The next morning was another late morning waking up, but when we finally did we headed out the Sugar Land Town Center to walk around the shops and head to lunch at PF Changs. 

I think these fortunes we got from lunch couldn't have been better timed for us after this epic weekend.

After getting my bags packed we decided to head to the airport earlier than usual just incase there were closed roads and any other unforeseeable issues. We did our usual hanging out in the ticketing area until I absolutely had to get to my gate. It was definitely a bittersweet feeling having to leave my now fiance and although it won't be too long before we see each other again, it still sucks saying goodbye.

So what do we do....take a goodbye selfie! I think I've gotten A to become more ok with taking selfies with me because it's just too much trouble finding someone to take our picture and ours turn out pretty good so I'm glad he's a willing participant.

Houston's humidity is gonna make me start getting creative with my hair since it's so dang hot to have long hair. Thanks for another incredible trip and experiencing some new adventures this weekend with the whole flooding incident, I won't take it personally that Houston weather is trying to tell me something with it ;).
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And now if you've made it through this post (regardless of if you just scanned through the pictures) you deserve some cookies because this was definitely long winded. Definitely stay tuned for the proposal story coming Wednesday, I promise!!

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  1. I love how he surprised you and that you had no clue it was coming!! A truly wonderful engagement story! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. That looks like such a wonderful time together! I loved reading all about it!!! Side note....very impressed you got him to paint. There would have been a lot of alcohol and begging on that one ;-)

  3. Such a fabulous holiday weekend! Love your paintings, I've always wanted to go to one of those classes they look like so much fun! So flingin' flangin' excited for you and your engagement! I so knew it was coming soon, and am glad you're rockin' that gorgeous ring!

    As for the humidity, you'll definitely start to get used to it once you move there. You'll always notice it, but it won't be as bad ;-)

  4. Congratulations on your engagement! How exciting!!

  5. What a fun weekend! Sounds like A did good with planning out the engagement dinner and proposal...looking forward to hearing/ready the full story!