Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2016 Grammys Best & Worst Dressed

Happy Tuesday friends! Were you one of the many people who forgot about the Grammy's being on yesterday? I thought it was strange that it was on a Monday night, but I suppose Sunday was busy. I of course watched, played Grammy bingo, and judged the red carpet fashion!

Here are my picks for best & worst dressed at the Grammy's last night!

best dressed

I was loving all the colors of love on the red carpet last night. 

-Of course my girl Tay Tay killed it, look at those abs!!!
-Ellie Goulding looked smouldering in this pastel pink dress, the hair and makeup totally made it.
-Chrissy Teigen was absolutely glowing in this dress, that cape!!!!
-Ariana Grande, ok I do not like her but I gotta say she looked pretty on the carpet.

-Selena Gomez looked sleek and sexy in this shimmery cut out dress!
-Kacey Musgraves looked pretty in this unique peacock colored dress. I typically wouldn't like this, but it worked on her.
-Adele of course killed it. Look at that waist!!
-Carrie Underwood always slays on the red carpet, wasn't loving the hair, but the jewelry was perf!
-Kaley Cuoco made this cut out jumpsuit look fab!

worst dressed

-Cam, this was your first time on the Grammy carpet girl...why would you debut in this hideous yellow number?!
-Janelle Monae is usually quirky and most of the time it works, but I wasn't feeling this skirt at all!
-Lady Gaga made the tribute to David Bowie very obvious, but this was just too much...those shoes, ouch!
-Tori Kelly...resting bitch face much?! This dress is totally unflattering and adds awful weight around the hip/waist line, not cute.
-Zendaya looks like a k-pop celeb or maybe a Donald Trump look-alike?! I don't know, but I know I don't like it.

-Meghan Trainor debuted this brand new look and I had no clue who she was. I'm not feeling her darker locks because I feel like the blonde hair was her. Her body looks banging tho!
-Ciara, hey let's show as much skin as possible without the dress falling off...it worked and I don't like it.
-Demi Lovato, I'm just confused...is this is a long skirt suit? If so, are you a new member of the sister wives??
-Anna Kendrick, I love you so, but this dress is just blah. There's something about the top of it that just is ill-fitting. She could have done something a bit brighter and popped a bit.


Let's not forget, the one and only Queen Bey! She slayed and although I'm not thrilled about Uptown Funk winning song of the year, her presence alone was a great highlight of the show.

Other than the Grammy's basically being a big tribute concert, it was lack luster. I was bummed that Riri got bronchitis and didn't perform. I think they filled her time with the "Hollywood Vampires", that was the worst crap I've heard in my life....never again! Also Pitbull's new song Taxi is pretty god awful too. Anyone else think Sofia Vergara can't dance with her barbie legs?

Performance wise, Taylor was amazing. Adele killed it, even though the acoustics didn't do her much justice. Justin Bieber made me an even bigger belieber all over again. The Weeknd was also all sorts of awesome and I totally think he should have won song of the year, 2015 was totally his year!


What did you guys think of the Grammys? Did you miss it? Who were your fashion favorites and misses?


  1. Totally agree with your best dressed, they allll killed it!!! I have to say not a fan of B's dress, it looks like a lil kids tutu cut up, but that's just me.

  2. OMG Tay. She absolutely slayed the red carpet and her performance! Perfection! And I loved Kaley's jumpsuit even though I wouldn't have picked it myself for the red carpet! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. i agree with all those best dressed choices! well pretty much all of it. i mean come on taylor - she owned that red carpet! only she can pull off that hair too. loved the performances last night!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. I didn't watch the Grammy's, but I did hear about how awesome Taylor Swift was afterwards and about her awesome speech to basically stick it to Kanye! I definitely agree with your best dressed choices, and seriously, what was Lady Gaga thinking? I guess that it's better than the meat dress...

  5. I saw a tweet from Adele last night about how the mic fell in the piano and that's why it was all messed. She said that she was going to go to In and Out afterwards, so that made me laugh. The only thing I didn't get about the dresses this year were all the slips aaaall the way up the side showing their matching underwear underneath! Carrie Underwood had it during her performance, Tay Tay, and Beyonce when she announced. Don't get me wrong - gorgeous ladies and dresses - I just don't get how/why they all did it on the same night haha!

  6. Selena's red carpet look was on point, I wish she hadn't changed into that red dress during the actual show. I didn't think it did her justice at all!

  7. hahahhhahah "are you a member of the sister wives??" SO FUNNY and I totally agree, Zedadya looks like a mini donald trump!! I didn't see the Grammy's but I've seen tons of pictures and heard stuff and so I feel like I watched it :) Taylor's abs are killer!!!!


  8. Selena Gomez' and Carrie Underwood's dresses are my favorite. You know I hate yellow dresses. That one Cam is wearing hurts my eyes!!

  9. Excellent job with wardrobe analyses, except that I might have switched Kaley Cuoco and Anna Kendrick. No one else could have pulled off that outfit like Tay, and Queen Bey never disappoints!

  10. I totally forgot about the Grammys last night, and watched The Bachelor instead :-P

    But Carrie Underwood continues to win all the prizes, girlfriend can do no wrong!
    Green Fashionista

  11. I didn't watch all of it, but I always look at the red carpet photos later. I remember Taylor wearing another dress super similar to that a while ago, it looks amazing on her still, but I'd love to see something different.

    Surprised about Zendaya, she normally looks really good!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  12. Wow, Taylor's abs are on-point, and Selena looks gorgeous in that dress! I'm not sure what Zendaya was thinking-haha