Monday, February 29, 2016

2016 Oscar's Best & Worst Dressed

Another weekend gone and it felt like a fast one. A was here for the weekend and we got quite a few wedding things checked off, I'll talk more about it later this week.

Let's move onto the biggest award show of Hollywood, The Oscars. My favorite part of any award show is definitely the fashion. If you missed the biggest news, Leonardo Dicaprio FINALLY won his first Oscar. His speech was phenomenal and he so so so deserved this win. I was also very happy to see the movie Spotlight win for best picture.

Let me tell you last night there were way more best dressed than worst and that is awesome! I was loving a lot of the unique and beautiful dresses worn.

Worst Dressed

\\Kate Winslet- I was loving everything about her look minus the shiny part. It looked like spandex and if the material was different, she would have looked fab//

\\Sofia Vergara- I'm usually loving all of Sofia's looks, but this was definitely not the best for her//

\\Alicia Vikander- I didn't love her look at the Golden Globes and this one isn't much better. I don't like the poof at the bottom and the color isn't the greatest//

\\Heidi Klum- All I'm gonna say is, why the heck is Heidi at the Oscars?//

\\Kerry Washington- I really wanted to love this dress and from the waist down it's awesome, but the top part is ruining it for me//

\\Amy Poehler- I don't hate this dress, but it wasn't appropriate for the Oscars//

Best Dressed

\\Chrissy Teigen//   \\Cate Blanchett//   \\Charlize Theron//   \\Emily Blunt//    \\Brie Larson//

\\Jennifer Garner//    \\Margot Robbie//     \\Isla Fischer//     \\Lady Gaga//      \\Julianne Moore// 

\\Mindy Kaling//    \\Olivia Wilde//    \\Maria Menounos//    \\Patricia Arquette//    \\Naomi Watts// 

\\Tina Fey//    \\Rooney Mara//   \\Rachel McAdams//   \\Priyanka Chopra//   \\Reese Witherspoon//

\\Jennifer Lawrence//

What do you guys think of my picks? Who were your favorites from last night?

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  1. So many beautiful dresses, it's so hard to choose just one, but I think I have to go with Naomi Watt's dress. It looks like shimmery mermaid material, so pretty!

  2. seriously SO many great looks last night it was so hard to pick! i think i'm partial to, rooney, margot and charlize!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. I'm not going to lie... I didn't even watch the red carpet (major fail) but Charlize killed it! Love that color on Rachel McAdams too but you can tell it wrinkled easy when she sat down. <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. I didn't get the heidi klum dress at all - looked like the 70s prom dress gone wrong!! Charlize was my favorite - she was bold and beautiful! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. OOH I really like Lady Gaga's dress! Or is it pants. I don't know, it's pretty sweet though.

  6. I didn't watch the Oscars last night, but I was so glad that Leo finally won! I totally agree with you about Kerry Washington's dress, the top is just way too weird! I don't think that it's possible for Jennifer Lawrence to look anything but beautiful!

  7. I really like Rachel McAdams!!

  8. So glad Leo won an Oscar! Didn't like Amy Poehler or Kate Winslet! Loved Charlize Theron, Bri Larson, Jenifer Lawrence and Rachel McAdams.

  9. Jennifer Lawrence looked flawless. I am looooving her blonder hair! SO pretty!

  10. I didn't watch the Oscar's so this is a nice roundup for me. i agree with all your picks for worst dresses. I think I like Charlise Theron's dress the best from the best dressed lineup!

  11. Jennifer Lawrence wins all the prizes always! Girlfriend is flawless! I didn't tune in last night to the Oscars, so I'm glad I got to see the winners list (YAY Leo!) and the gown lineup. And yay for A being in town, you guys are in the final countdown <3
    Green Fashionista

  12. There were some beauties this year! I had a lot that I loved, but not sure I had a favorite.