Thursday, March 10, 2016

Things I Learned at Universal Studios & Magic Kingdom

Hey guys, so I recapped my Orlando trip yesterday so incase you missed that you can check out all the fun we had visiting! Today I wanted to just go through a list of tips that I learned while researching the parks and while we were there. Of course there are things that I am probably missing, but I tried to be as comprehensive as possible because I know I wanted to know as much as possible before going. Also, it looks like a bunch of people are making their way to Orlando and the parks, so hopefully this helps.

If you have any other insider tips, please don't hesitate leaving them in the comments below!

.: Go to the parks during the weekdays. Fri, Sat & Sun are just a mess with heavy crowds (holidays and summer is an exception to the rule)

.: Stand in line to meet as many characters as you can, even if you're's totally worth it!

.: Do eat Dole Whip!! It's only available at 4 places in the U.S. & Magic Kingdom is one of the places, totally worth the calories. The other places it's available: Polynesian Resort, DisneyLand & Dole processing plant in if I needed another reason to visit Hawaii ;)!

.: In fact, eat as many sweet treats & character shaped foods as possible!

.: Add your 3 (free) FastPass+ selections for the Disney parks ASAP! The popular ones are always taken first and you can make these selections up to 3 months in advance. My recommendation for picks would be Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain! If you're going with kids, choose the character experiences that are popular (like the princesses)! 

.: Wear extremely comfortable shoes, fashion doesn't entirely apply. You can totally make gym shoes look cute, plus your feet will thank you! These are the Nike's I have and they are seriously the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned and that says a lot because I spend 85% of my life in gym shoes!

.: Don't be afraid to bring a purse, backpack, etc to the parks. At Universal, they have a few rides with metal detectors, but have free lockers for the time of your wait and ride time, definitely take advantage of these lockers! Disney rides aren't as intense so you can carry your stuff with you everywhere. I brought my Longchamp 'Large Le Pliage' Tote with me and it was perfect! Big enough to hold essentials, snacks and any souvenirs bought!

.: If you have a step counter, utilize it. You'll be surprised at how much you actually walk between all the parks!

.: Take as many pictures as possible. Make sure to enjoy the actual experience of being there, but create memories with photos. Ask the staff to take pictures for you. People at the parks are more than happy to help document your time, don't hesitate to ask! When all else fails...take selfies! Just remember, leave your selfie sticks at home.

.: Don't be offended when your favorite Disney princess isn't culturally correct, she's still beautiful & played the part well (I'm lookin' at you Jasmine) ;)

.: Download the Disney World App & Universal Studios App, these will be your lifesavers! The apps have maps, wait times, and dining options all in one spot.

.: Bring a portable phone charger, being on the app, Snapchat {npat62}, Instagram and just taking pictures will definitely drain your battery. So be prepared and bring a fully charged portable charger with you! I have both this and this and both work extremely fast and well!

.: Connect to the parks' free wi-fi. Disney's was absolutely great and worked basically all over (minus a few dead spots), but I learned about the wi-fi too late at Universal.

.: Splurge on the park to park pass for Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure. You can go back and forth between the parks for not a whole lot more. Plus you can only ride the Hogwarts Express with the park to park pass.

.: Pack snacks!! Most people don't know that you can bring food and drink into the parks. I saw people eating sandwiches and other snacks throughout both parks. The snacks are totally helpful when you are waiting in line and the hanger sets in.

.: Go during the off season if at all possible. I've noticed that February/early March is a great time to visit, before Spring Break & summer, but after the Holidays. The weather is also beautiful, not too hot and not much rain. 


I hope this was a comprehensive list of things to keep in mind while at the Disney Parks & Universal Studios Resort. Again any other tips and tricks are more than welcome in the comments below!


  1. really great tips girly! def good to share about bringing water and snacks. i bring open containers all the time to disney and it's so helpful to fill up a good water bottle throughout the day. and def go in the off season. summer is so busy!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. What great tips, the app sounds great. We went on a Disney cruise and the app was awesome- kept us up to date all day. I totally agree with meeting characters and princesses- the fun doesn't end when you're 12! I would love to visit...and will def. plan during the off season!

  3. I love this! All great tips for sure and yes to all the snacks, I mean you're on vacation, why not? And bringing water and snacks is definitely smart, especially if you're traveling with kids... or just get hungry every 30 mins like me! Haha! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. Great tips, girlfriend! And OMG that Dole Whip...GIMMEEEEE. It looks increible!!

  5. Love this! We were there at the same time! Totally agree with the Dole icecream... SO delicious!

  6. Such great tips for visiting the parks! You nailed it on the head for visiting during a week day to avoid the crowds, and for wearing comfortable shoes because all you do is walk when you're a theme park! I missed out on the Dole Whips when we were in Disney last, but it's on my must try when we go back!

  7. Awesome tips! I couldn't agree more about the FastPass at Disney, such a lifesaver! And yummmm to the Dole Whip <3
    Green Fashionista