Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wedding Wednesday | Checking In & Checking Off

Hey friends, happy wedding Wednesday! I totally dropped the ball on getting this post ready. Packing became a priority since I have a busy day at work and some quick errands to run before my flight later tonight. I'm heading to Orlando for a sister trip and I am so so so excited!

I just wanted to do a quick check in with some of the things I've crossed off the wedding to-do list:

Last Saturday when A was in town, we checked off the cake tasting. It was so much fun getting to taste the different flavors and filling. The image above is similar to how our cake will look. We are having 6 tiers instead of the 5 shown. The ribbon will be a navy blue color and I have briar roses in a light pink shade. Plus it'll have our adorable cake topper instead of the flowers on top. Of course we went with chocolate and marble cake with chocolate mousse as a filling, yum yum and triple yum!

On Saturday we were just perusing the jewelry stores at the mall to shop around for wedding bands and ended up getting mine! I picked it up earlier this week and wore it around all day that day because it's so perfect and enhances my engagement ring! Can't wait to wear it full time!!

(not pictured)
Food tasting was also checked off the list. We finalized the entire menu and it was daunting eating all the yummy food, but glad we got to do it while A was in town!


Now it is your turn! We would love to have you link-up with your wedding tales, planning adventures and day-of memories.


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  1. I cannot wait until I start to plan my wedding, the food and cake tastings will be one thing I can get on board with haha! Love your wedding band too.

  2. YUM. cake and diamonds? i mean really, what else does a girl need ;)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Tastings were some of my favorite things about wedding planning! That's so exciting that y'all got to do it when A was in town! And your wedding band looks so gorgeous with your engagement ring!

  4. Food and cake tasting?! YES PLEASE! They are the best. Have a fun sister weekend!

  5. I adore your cake topping! So perfect and it sounds like you two got 3 bigs things checked off the list...Have a blast on your sister trip!