Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Recap & Giveaway

Hey y'all! I hope you guys had a great weekend and are recovering well after the Super Bowl yesterday, I know I hate having to go to work today (especially since I've been off for a week and a half). Not much happened for me this weekend, but it was nice to have a relaxing time after a vacation.

I ran errands, picked up groceries from Target and signed up for a gym membership at my park district. I love the facility because it is not crowded, has an indoor track, sauna and whirlpool for less than $20 a month! I went in the evening time and was on the treadmill for an hour! I felt amazing afterwards and am happy to be getting back to working out regularly (although my legs were super sore the day after). Had to grab a strawberry banana smoothie afterwards.

I basically laid around and did nothing, but got to catch up on reading blogs and get some posts drafted up. I took the day off from working out today since I was too sore.

I went to the gym in the a.m. to get a nice workout in and headed home to get ready to watch the Super Bowl. I am sad the football season is officially over now, but hope my Chicago Bears can do something more next season. I was really upset about the blowout game yesterday because so many people were hoping for the Broncos to do more than they did. My guess, Eli was clearly playing in place of Peyton yesterday...I wasn't the only one who thought so too..

The commercials were pretty crappy too. Thank god for the Bruno Mars performance, I love him and his music and thought he put on one hell of a show along with the Red Hot Chili Peppers! 

What did you guys do this weekend? 
Glad about the Super Bowl win?
What was your favorite commercial?

Now onto the giveaway aspect of this post. My bloggy friend Bella @ Dateless in Dallas has a pretty incredible giveaway going on from all of her sponsors. Since she is a new Stella & Dot consultant (so hit her up if you want some awesome jewelry) we all teamed up and are giving away a $200 Stella & Dot Giftcard!!!

You can enter the giveaway below! Good luck to all of you lovely ladies (and possible men)!!


1. Winner will be notified on February 8th.

2. Winner will be verified. If the winner cannot be verified, a new one will be selected.

3. The winner has 48 hours to claim their prize after the notifying email has been sent out.

4. If they do not respond to the email within the 48 hours a new winner will be selected.

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  1. Bruno Mars killed it last night! I'm not a fan of many "artists" on the radio these days, but he is one of the few that has true talent. LOVE him :)

  2. I loved watching Bruno Mars - I second that ^ ^ ^