Saturday, May 31, 2014

Becoming an eBay Super Seller

Hey guys! Today I have a sponsored post for you guys. I have bought many things off of eBay, but never have I sold anything on there. I have a bunch of stuff that is sitting around that I could potentially make money on by selling on eBay and with these easy tips and tricks, you and I both could learn a few things. Thanks to The DIY Outlet for these useful tips.


Become an eBay Super Seller With These Easy Tips

You ever wonder, when browsing eBay, how some of those sellers can have tens of thousands of positive reviews?  Have you wanted to become one of those super sellers and watch the money pour in and give yourself that early retirement you’ve always dreamed of?  It’s a brave new world, becoming an eBay pro, but anyone can do it with the right know-how and gumption.  You may not get to 30,000 positive reviews, but if you want to be a credible super seller, you need to know how to make sure your auctions are the highest rated, and that your product always arrives safe.  Take a few of these pro tips and get on your way.

1.  Spruce up Your Ad

Some people copy and paste their ads or use different color text and all sorts of sizes.  They think that the formatting will allow their copy and pasted text to stand out because of its crazy and zany appeal.  That’s very wrong – all that formatting is a distraction and makes the ad hard to read, and also makes it seem amateurish.  Instead, use a very easy to read font like Helvetica, and use professional looking photos of your items.  Good lighting on the pictures is important, as the simplest little flaw, or rookie mistake, will make people less inclined to bid on your item.  Spruce up the ad with class, not with distraction.

2.  Buy it Now

eBay used to be all about getting deals on items that you sneakily grab on the auction block.  It’s too bad the service change to be one where it’s really just an online store most of the time, but that’s ok, it helps you.  Feel free to let buyers use a ‘buy it now’ feature.  Remember the old adage: one in the hand is worth two in the bush.  So instead of waiting seven days to hope that bid goes up higher, let someone give you the quick money now so you can turn to the next listing of a similar item.  Many sellers think that it’s essential to allow everything to go to a full term auction, but that simply is not the case.

3.  Protect and Over Protect

One way to cut costs is to skimp on the protective materials, but you shouldn’t make that mistake.  One damaged item on arrival will cost you many items’ worth of shoddier protection materials.  You can get a sealing machine at a site like and seal your item in protective bubble wrap.  This one time investment will yield such great results for your auctions that you’ll never risk getting that “-1” review because of a slight ding in the item that wasn’t there when you sent it.  If in doubt, over protect your item, even if you think it’s being ridiculous.  The amount of money outlay may seem like a bunch at the time, but again, saving money on protecting your product can back fire big time and cost you being a eBay super seller.  Don’t let that happen!

^Spruce up your ad

^Buy it now

^Protect and over protect


Hope these tips helps you out the next time you want to properly sell an item on eBay, I know they helped me for the future. If you have any questions at all about anything in this post, please feel free to contact, they have pretty great customer service!
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