Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Recipe: Tropical Smoothie

Hey folks! It truly feels like a long time since I posted a recipe with Emily & Kate, but today I am changing that. Of course I chose the easy way out and did another smoothie, but with the summer around the corner smoothies are my absolute go to. They don't make me feel bloated and I can replace a meal with a smoothie and feel full. 

Pineapple/Mango/Coconut Smoothie

All you need is a mix of frozen fruit (I got the Market Pantry blend from Target), almond milk, and ice if you want it chilled.

Take the frozen fruits and almond milk and throw them in the blender, in the frozen fruit blend it includes a yogurt mix so I added that into the blender. Mix that bad boy up until it's all blended together. Throw that baby in a cup, stick a straw in it and drink away. You can throw some ice in there to keep it chill. 

This was just a refreshing treat and on a warm summer day, it's the perfect way to cool off. 

In some other news, I rearranged my flight to New Orleans with A for the end of June and I am SOO excited!! I cannot wait to have a getaway with the boy and explore a new city with him. 

With that said, if there are any recommendations from you guys to go see and do while we're there please leave them in the comments below!

Also, if you didn't catch this on Twitter or Instagram, I got him to watch The Bachelorette with me and he was texting me the entire time with his predictions and comments, it was awesome. I don't think this is going to be a repeat thing, but at least he accepts that I watch this crap. Here are our predictions for the winner for Andi's season if anyone even cares lol.

Ok so now I realize this become more than just a recipe post, but who knows when a new post will be up with my scattered posting schedule. Join Emily & Kate for Tuesday's Recipe Swap with your own yummy recipe!

Martinis & Bikinis

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  1. Add tequila??? lol. Sounds yummy!!

  2. Looks good! I haven tried this blend of fruit but love using almond milk for smoothies!

  3. Getting the boy to watch The Bachelorette for the win!!

    P.S. Loving your smoothie recipes and I agree with Kristin above I may have to add some booze for pool time ;-)

  4. So glad you got the flight rescheduled! That'll be a way more fun trip anyway!