Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I gotta crush on ya....

Hello lovelies!!

So I was pondering my life and what I could possibly write about and entertain you guys with. I've noticed my trend with dating and guys in general, the time between October & January is usually the time I begin dating a guy. I'm currently still living the single life and to tell you the truth, it sucks sometimes. I love my friends and am happy for each and every one of them, but sometimes it sucks being the single friend in the group. Granted, my friends are great and never make me feel left out, but sometimes you just need that special person in your life.

Now recently, the few times that I've gone out with my best friend, her cousin had come out with us. Now I've hung out with him a few time before (with my friend of course) and never really thought anything of it (probably because he had a girlfriend at that time). Recently, he his girlfriend and him have broken up and there was just a time when it hit me and I noticed him in that way. He is really easy to talk to and hilarious. I'm kind of stuck though, it's my best friends cousin. I think bringing it up won't freak her out that much, but I just feel uncomfortable putting her in a situation like this. I don't want things to get to a point where if we date and it doesn't work out then it becomes awkward. I have known this friend for 10 years and we are so close that we know each others families.

Have you guys ever been in this situation and what advice could you give me? Do I pursue this guy or just don't get myself in that situation? I'm also at the point where I don't entirely know how he feels about me, but the way he says certain things when we talk, it sounds like he's flirting (am I so out of the game that I can't tell if a is flirting with me). If I do pursue this, do I ask my friend to play cupid?
Any thoughts or advice would be super helpful in this situation!

And just because I'm in a super lovey dovey mood (maybe it's just the magic of the holidays), here are some of my favorite quotes on love from Pinterest.

Enough for today, talk to you lovers soon!

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