Thursday, December 5, 2013

Roses Are Red

You guys, every woman's wishes (well I think every woman's) are coming true on Sunday Jan 5th, 2014. The beautiful specimen that is Juan Pablo will be the new bachelor embarking on a journey to find Mrs. Juan Pablo. Even though I wish I was in the running for that position, the selection this year is hmm....interesting to say the least. I think there are a few contenders in the mix who may make it through, but only time will tell.

Let's just take a minute to bask in the glory that is Juan Pablo...

Why I love you too Juan Pablo :).

So after sifting through the list of eligible bachelorettes for Juan Pablo to pick through, I came across some interesting information about these girls. Let's take a peek...

So wait, you're telling me being a "free spirit" is a legit occupation?!? I don't see this girl making it past the first night, I really hope she has a real job. Also for her best attributes, she uses very an awful lot. She seems like a wafty choice for Juan Pablo, he needs some stability in his life especially because of his daughter, not some chick who claims to be a free spirit.

Oooooooook, now we have a "dog lover". I mean don't get me wrong, I like dogs as much as the next person, but that is not an occupation. This girl is actually pretty, but her occupation alone just was a no in my mind.

The only thing that really bugs me about this girl is the fact that she's a "former NBA dancer". Ummm, unless her age is incorrect, how can you be a former dancer and what is it that she is doing currently or is she another one of those who "hasn't figured it out". Again with the stability issue with Juan Pablo's daughter, I don't think he wants a 21 year old taking care of his daughter.

Now onto the girls who I actually think will make it pretty far. There are 10 and I won't write anything just post their info. The other girls just don't stand out to me and will likely go home on the first few nights.

Have you guys gone through the contestants and picked out your faves? Anything you're looking forward to seeing this season?

That's all I got for ya today, oh yea I'm headed to a girl's night out with some of my girlfriends to watch the Chippendale's men perform magic mike, this should definitely be an interesting night to say the least. If I'm allowed to take any pictures, I will recap the show. After seeing Thunder from Down Under in Las Vegas, I'm curious to see how the Chippendale's show stacks up!


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  1. How on earth is the 24 year old a communications director?! Don't you have to put in years of work before becoming a directory? *sigh*

    I'll definitely be watching this season, can't wait!