Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Eye Makeup Obsession

Guys, I am obsessed with makeup. I hope this isn't news to you all, but if you're new around here and didn't get the hint from my blog name...I love makeup. I feel like a hoarder sometimes because I collect them like a hobby.

When I went to Houston, my cousin who is a makeup aficionado as well, gifted me a bunch of her palettes that she wasn't planning on using. One of the ones she gave me was the Lorac Pro which has been on my wishlist for quite some time and I was going to purchase for myself. Luckily she was nice enough to give me hers and I was thrilled. I have been having so much fun playing around with the different colors. They are so well pigmented and last all night when used with a primer. I seriously see myself using this palette more now than my Naked 2 & 3. I love that the top row has matte colors which can be used for daily wear and the bottom row has the more sparkly and night time colors.

 These items are my go to for either daily wear or night time eye makeup. I start out with the UD eyeshadow primer potion-Original on my eyelids, then play around with colors on the Lorac PRO palette. For the matte colors my favorite two are Cream & Mauve and for the shimmer colors, I tend to gravitate towards Nude, Champagne, Pewter, & Deep Purple. I can't wait to watch tutorials and explore more with this palette.

Once I've got the colors that I want, I use a liner (not pictured) on my top lid. For my liner, my favorite technique is to use the black eyeshadow color from the palette with a very thin and angled brush. I find myself creating the lines way better than with a liquid liner or pencil, so if you have any black eyeshadow that gives you good pigment, I recommend trying that technique.

Then it's time for some mascara and my absolute tried and true favorite is hands down Benefit They're Real! This is such a great mascara to wear on a daily basis without ruining your lashes. I never deal with clumping or falling out with this mascara which is a huge deal for me. For someone who has over 20 tubes of mascara (thanks to my Ipsy bag) I have gotten picky with what mascara I use.

From there I use my Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel to keep my brow hairs in place. I got this in my Ipsy bag months and months ago and have been obsessed with it ever since. I never used a brow gel before this and now I can't go back. If I'm filling in my brows (when I'm really going out someplace fancy, takes too long for a daily thing) then this is a perfect way to keep the hairs in place. I totally recommend picking this up and trying it out for yourself.

The final touch is the UD all nighter long-lasting makeup setting spray. This stuff is seriously god send. I cannot say enough good things about this setting spray because it literally doesn't move a thing on your face for the entire day. I have used the e.l.f. setting spray and for a $3 spray it's great, but I don't think it lasted for as long as the UD one. Humidity is going to be a thing I will have to battle in Houston during the summers so this is going to be in my makeup bag for the foreseeable future. Go get you some asap if you haven't tried it yet.

Sorry for the crappy quality of the iPhone camera

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  1. Benefit's They're Real! mascara is my all time fav mascara, that and my UD primer potion are my two holy grails in my makeup collection :)