Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pinterest Lately

Hey folks! Today I'm co-hosting the Pinterest Lately link up with Rebekah.
This weeks topic: Fall meals for cold nights.
This topic is perfect for anyone who is suffering through all the cold weather we are experiencing. If you're lucky enough to get warmer weather, comfort food is still always a good idea especially around the holidays to make it feel more like winter. Here in Chicago, there is no confusing we are definitely in winter. So if you have some great Pinterest recipes for cold weather, link up your posts or Pinterest account with us!

Rebekah Elizabeth


Aside from soups, desserts are always a great idea along with the best drink of the winter, hot cocoa!!




1 comment:

  1. So cold here today, those soups look perfect! I was walking from union station to my work, I pass that stock trade building on wacker - huge sign alerting me that it was 16 degrees. Oh, I know it!