Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Give Thanks

Happy hump day and Thanksgiving eve y'all! I just wanted to pop by and express some thanks. Today is tough, 2 years ago I got into my very first nasty car accidentand walked out with just a tiny bit of whiplash and nothing more. It's kind of kismet that it happened the eve of Thanksgiving because it really truly made me appreciate being healthy and alive.
Not only am I grateful for my health, but there are so many more things in my life that I am so entirely grateful for:
Aunts & Uncles
An amazing boyfriend
My amazing friends
Two jobs I loooove
Target (I mean let's be real here...)
Thank you guys for keeping up with my life and reading, I know there are a lot of you that are frequent commenters and readers and I truely appreciate that and appreciate you. I definitely wouldn't want to keep coming back to this here blog without the support of blogging friends, so thanks!
Little Baby Garvin
P.s. I probably won't be back until next week, so enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family and friends that feel like family. Be safe and eat lots of turkey/food!!!
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