Monday, January 26, 2015

SAG Awards Fashion Hits & Misses

Happy Monday folks, yuck! Today started out crazy (like most Monday mornings), but I got into work and saw all this filming equipment set up and immediately was like what the heck is going on here. I didn't get any sort of email or text from my boss saying anything was happening so I was clueless. Come to find out the marketing department is doing this huge thing and were going to be filming all morning (kicking me out of my desk). I even got to awkwardly be in it and let's just say I am definitely not cut out for acting.
This is what I walked into...that computer is my desk so totally unuseable for the morning.
Well that was an exciting change to the morning, but let's get onto the post. Not sure if many of you tuned into the SAG awards last night, there were a bunch of things on like Miss Universe & the NFL Pro Bowl, but for those that did or didn't here are my picks for hits & misses from the red carpet.
I'm doing this a bit differently because I noticed some big shows' stars were hitting the red carpet, so I grouped them up and will talk about those, then get on to my best and worst dressed.
Cast of Modern Family
Ok so this is one good looking cast I must admit. The men of Modern Family knocked it out of the park in my opinion, very dapper and classic looking.
I especially like Jesse Tyler Ferguson's suit because it's something different, but totally appropriate for the SAG awards.
Julie Bowen looks hot and she'll be making an appearance a bit later in this post.
Sarah Hyland & Ariel Winter look fabulous as well, very good choices for the red carpet and can you believe that Ariel Winter is only 16!! She looks like she's taking tips from hottie Sophia Vergara with the va va voom factor.
The little girl who plays Lily (don't know her real name whoops), looks absolutely adorable in her dress. Very age appropriate and fun!
Overall I think they all look fantastic and knocked it out of the park with their looks!
Cast of Orange is the New Black
I have mixed feelings about this shows cast. I think some of them look great and I think a few look...interesting. I don't know any of their real names so I'll just go from left to right.
So the first girl, I kind of hate the fact that this is long sleeve and what she did with her hair. I think if she had a sleeveless dress with a little more open on the neck area and had her hair down, she would look awesome. Her curves are right on with this look and I love that she isn't trying to hide that.
The next look is a great look. She looks happy and glowing in it, love how simple it is yet the embellishment up top puts it over the edge. I also am loving the clutch.
Taryn Manning (the only person I know the name of out of the group...Crossroads throwback), this look is kind of awful on her. It looks very matronly and the color washes her out. She is such a cute person with a great body, this just doesn't do her justice.
This red dress looks fabulous! She is rocking the heck out of it and the hair almost perfectly matches the waves of the bodice. It may have been a bit too much for the SAG awards, but still a great dress.
Crazy eyes!!! I had to do a triple take to recognize her all done up. She looks AH-MAZING! The hair, makeup, jewels, the's all working so well for her. Definitely not crazy eyes anymore!
Ok, so this final look...what can I say. I know she has a fabulous personality and all that, but this is just not working. The hair is what is killing it for me, the roots! Why not just get that done before hitting the red carpet?!? I think another hairdo would have worked better with this dress, but yeh not this.
Cast of The Big Bang Theory
Ok so this cast had it 95% right....
Melissa Rauch (who plays Bernadette) dropped them from 100% to 95%. I just don't get it, the color is wrong and the cut of it just isn't doing it for me. I do think waist up it looks great. The bodice color works perfectly with her skin tone, but the darker shiny red is throwing it off. I do think the rest of the cast looks fantastic!!!
Kaley Cuoco looks effortlessly gorgeous in this dress. Red was definitely in again for this award show and she wore it beautifully. I love the little bow detail, it reminds me of Kate Spade. Just overall big win for her in this look.
Mayim Bialik makes such a simple and elegant gown look great for the red carpet. I love the hint of emerald with the earrings. I have to say emerald and black is a favorite color combo of mine, so she did a great job. I do wish her clutch was a different color, but everything works for her in this look.
Jim Parsons looks extra hot in this suit. I love the color because it's different than what is usually worn by the men on the red carpet. He looks confident and very put together in this look.
Ok so now, I want to get onto the best and worst dressed picks from the red carpet last night. I want to start out by commending the men on the carpet. They looked delicious and very very well put together.
*some are repeats from above.
Ty Burrell- This is such a perfect example of a classic suit for the red carpet. It is safe, but he looks great.
Eddie Redmayne- He looks young and fresh in this suit, along with being a SAG winner! I think his portrayal of Steven Hawking in The Theory of Everything was amazing and he definitely deserved that win last night.
Matthew McConaughey- Alright, alright, alright! I love the pop of blue that Matthew pulled into this look yesterday. No comment though on his facial hair...ages him a bit much, but he's still hot regardless.
Lenny Kravtiz- So he could have gone total whack-a-doodle like his personality is, but I think this is a great look. It's laid back which is perfect for him, but still a classic look.
Michael Keaton- I have yet to see his movie Birdman, but with all the buzz around it he really looked great. He is an older actor, but he looks fresh in his suit, I love the simplicity of it.
Eric Stonestreet- I think Eric looks great. Classic and effortless looking, perfect for the SAG awards.
Jesse Tyler Ferguson- I mentioned above how I loved this look on him. I like the mixed texure with the tweed looking suit with what looks like suede lapels. Very unique and suits his style well.
Kit Harington- Oh Jon Snow, I don't watch GOT, but man is this guy yummy. I think he looks dreamy in this suit and yeh...pretty much perfection.
Best Dressed

I won't go through each of them, but I think all of these women did an absolutely fabulous job on their looks for the red carpet. My top 3 favorites are: Julie Bowen, Jennifer Aniston, and Camila Alves.
Worst Dressed
 Rosamund Pike- girlfriend, I don't even know what the heck this is. She looks like a fluffy dead bird. The thing that sucks is that her hair and makeup look great. The dress does nothing for her.
Lupita Nyong'o- Lupita usually does a great job on the red carpet, but I think this year she's gotten off to a bad start. I don't expecially like printed dresses, but if I did it would have to work. I think this print almost clashes a little too much with her skin though.
Anna Chlumsky- I don't get the structure of this dress. The red/oragne color is pretty ugly too. Maybe it's this particular picture, but she looks pretty creepy with her face. Just a miss for me.
Naomi Watts- So I don't particularly hate this on her, but I do think it gives her absolutely no shape whatsoever. She almost looks too uncomfortable in it in the torso part. I'm not sure how she sat down without ripping right into the seam. Oh yeh, speaking of seam, how ugly does that seam look running right down the middle of the dress.

Maggie Gyllenhaal- I don't really ever love her looks on the red carpet and this one is no exception. I think that weird mesh thing that's basically holding her boobs in looks misplaced. I do like her hair and makeup for this though.
Patricia Arquette- Another miss for her with this look. Not as awful as the Golden Globes look, but she looks like she draped an old curtain on her and called it a day. Also I hate the messy thrown up look of her hair. It looks like she was in a rush to get there, and she doesn't even look that thrilled to be there.
Felicity Jones- She is such a pretty girl and did a fantastic job playing Jane Hawking in The Theory of Everything, but I think this look is wrong for her. The hair is too slick back and ages her and the pale color of the dress washes her out. I think she could have worn something more young and fresh for this red carpet and let her hair down.
Emma Stone- Ok so this is one of my favorite actresses, she is hilarious and really can act, but this year she has been a bit off on her red carpet game. She is so gorgeous and can basically wear anything, but this tuxedo jacket with mesh at the bottom is just awful. I want to see her in a gorgeous emerald green gown or something, come on Emma, bring it for the Oscars!!
So what do you guys think of my picks? I left a bunch of people out because quite frankly I was bored of most of the looks. A lot of celebs played it safe for this award show which isn't necessarily bad, but I wanted more. I am very very excited about the Oscar's fashion though!
Lastly, I want to just touch a bit on the Miss Universe pageant. I was flipping between shows, but caught the majority of the pageant and was impressed with some of the girls. Others were getting on my nerves (I'm looking at you Miss Ukraine). I just think that next time, they should eliminate the whole question portion because these girls did awful at answering the questions. Even the ones that did understand and speak English didn't answer that great. Here were the top 5 girls in case you missed it.

 Miss Colombia, Paulina Vega won Miss Universe and I think it was a good choice. I, of course, was pulling for Miss USA to win, she is gorgeous and answered her questions probably better than anyone else. Ukraine shockingly came in 3rd place and I don't get it. Her answers were stupid and didn't even answer the question that was asked. Netherlands was my 3rd favorite because she seemed like the most charitable out of the 5 girls. Also that yellow dress is perfection on her. Jamaica was cute and all, but she was very staged and looked like a forced smile.

Anywhoodles, congrats to the gorgeous new Miss Universe, Paulina Vega.

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  1. Emma Stone why??????? I love her but not that look! Great round up girl!!! Such beauties!!

  2. Fantastic roundup!!! I have to say I didn't see Camilla Alves but she looked gorgeous in purple! I couldn't find Claire Danes dress anywhere, but she looked great too! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston