Friday, January 30, 2015

SuperBowl Weekend

TGIF friends!! This has been such a long and trying week for me with working 50+ hours in just a week, it definitely takes a toll on you. I have some serious plans of relaxing and sleeping in this weekend. I have a Super Bowl party to go to on Sunday, but besides that I have zero plans and I am totally fine with that. I am so behind on Parenthood, so plans for catching up on Netflix are also in order. So here are some of my favorites for the week, linking with Amanda!

These gorgeous sunrises make waking up at the crack of dawn worth it.

I had some seriousfan girling going on, first I tweeted by sunrise picture in to Bob Van Dillen on the Morning Express with Robin Meade (I watch it every morning when I'm getting ready for work), and he retweeted me. He probably retweets everyone, but guys HE'S ON TV!
The other two pictures are when my fangirling hit an absolute high. I posted a picture up on Instagram of a conversation that A and I had regarding the Bachelorette. Well one of the contestants, Nikki Delventhal, liked my photo and I thought to comment and see if she would reply...she did. Fangirl, dead.
Ok, so I know these are real life celebs or anything, but they are TV famous and that has to count for something. Let's just say it made my days when this happened :).
I want this adorable bird tattoo to add to a tattoo I already have. I've been trying to find the perfect tattoo to get next and this is most definitely the one!
My competative side came out during our department meeting. When I found out there were prizes involved, I dominated in the Valentine's Day word scramble & word search...holla for some chocolate!
Valentine's Day
Speaking of the Hallmark holiday we love to hate, this is the workings of my gift to A this year. I got the idea off of Pinterest to do this basket of candies and it's a simple and cute way for me to send some sugar to Houston ;).
I hope you all have a fabulous and relaxing weekend. If you're going watching the Super Bowl (or eating while it happens) Go Patriots & hottie Tom Brady!!!
sorry.not sorry.
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  1. Gorgeous sunrise!! And I always get ridiculously excited if even an F list celebrity has anything to do with me on Twitter - I'd totally be freaking out over someone on The Bachelor! Enjoy your downtime this weekend :)

  2. What a beautiful sunrise! Enjoy your relaxing weekend gurlie, you more than earned it :)

    Happy Friday <3

  3. Wow what a gorgeous sunrise! I always fangirl when a "celeb" retweets or likes something I posted too! No shame there! And love that tattoo inspiration! So pretty. Have a great weekend!

  4. I LOVE celeb tweets. I got tweeted by a hot guy from the Real World once, it is still like my fave twitter moment evvver!
    It's like 10 seconds of fame! ;)