Friday, January 23, 2015

Faves on Friday

Hey guys! It's my favorite time of the week...FRIDAY! This has been a looooong week so today is more than welcome. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I started a new job in October and it's getting better (or at least I'll stick it out for now), but I also asked my manager if I could pick up shifts working in the immediate care center which she happily helped me facilitate. I started at the immediate care center on Tuesday and I am really happy helping them out so far. If you're keeping track now, that puts me at technically 3 different jobs. I'm crazy I know, but I am loving all the experience I am gaining and every place I'm at is unique and different. So let me break it down for you guys.
The first place I'm at is my old old job as a cardiac tech that I've been at for 3+ years, I'm doing Tuesday & Thursday day shifts there (and some Sunday's on-call), then the second place is my part-time place at the congestive heart failure clinic run by the hospital on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (luckily NO weekends!!!) Sounds like a cool place right? Well I'm hoping so, it's been slow since we are very very new, but loving the patients I'm seeing so far. Then the final place is still with the hospital that runs the heart failure clinic, but at their immediate care center and I'm doing that also on Tuesdays & Thursdays, but second shift. So with that I'm at 3 different places doing 3 different things, and hopefully not running myself down at a young age.
So even though my schedule seems wacky and kind of nutty at times, I do appreciate every opportunity I've been granted and can't wait to see what's in store for me. Out of the 3 places, I have to say that currently my favorite is at the immediate care center because I get the rush of being in the ER without seeing some of the insane stuff they see or do there. I have a feeling all of my skills will be getting used there and I'll probably even learn some more. I'll keep you guys posted from time to time if I'm not completely run side is the moolah should be rollin' in!!!
Now let me get onto the actual post (sorry for the super crazy tangent there). Friday faves with Amanda!!
Fave song:
Adam Levine...swoon!
Fave recipe:
 I posted this recipe earlier this week and am still obsessed over it. I may repeat it this weekend because it is super easy and delicious to make!
Fave funnies:

 My cousins thread has been blowing up with daily meme's to get us through the work week and I wanted to share some of them with you guys!
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  1. Man alive girl you're keeping busy! It sounds like a lot of great opportunities for you while you're still in Chi-town. I knew something was up when you sent me a pic late at night still in your scrubs.

    Happy Friday! Enjoy every second of your weekend ;-)

  2. 3 jobs does indeed sounds like a handful but hopefully it keeps you busy and happy while doing it. The recipe looks delish! i will have to try it ;-)