Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Positivity Project

When I saw this floating around the blog world I knew I wanted to jump on board. It's great to encourage not only others, but ourselves in staying positive and being happy with who we are. It's such a great message and sends more positive vibes out to the world, which is a win-win.
Amanda had this wonderful idea to have everyone answer 4 questions and quit being so hard on ourselves. Sometimes this is definitely easier said than done, but I think there are little things that can be done to make it happen. So, onto the questions:
Tell me something you love about yourself?
Now sometimes it's hard as women to find things that we truly enjoy about ourselves whether it be physical or personality. I know I can be a harder critic on myself than anyone else. I think the thing I love about myself is split between my hair & my smile. My hair has been long and thick pretty much my whole life (except for the few times I've chopped it off, and pretty much regretted until it grew back) and I love all that I learn on how to style and take care of my hair.
All natural black hair, before I decided to dye it all light
Post color and totally lovin' it
Now my smile I've always sort of struggled with. When I was younger I had braces (twice actually, must have hit the jackpot or something) and that definitely helped a ton with straightening out my teeth. After the years of braces, I never was compliant with retainers so the bottom teeth sort of shifted and are sort of crooked, but I love how when I smile, you can't see all that. Even when sometimes I take a picture and criticize how one front tooth looks bigger than the other, I try to just ignore it and take it for what it is, I have a pretty smile and get complimented on it often so why not just live with one tooth being slightly bigger than the other. We all have our imperfections, but sometimes that's what makes us beautiful (did I just quote a One Direction song, because it feels like I did).
I also clearly love taking and posting selfies, no shame in my game!
Tell me what you want to work on?
I think the most important thing I want to work on for myself is learning to just cut myself some slack and enjoy the skin I'm in. I definitely have my imperfections and if you ask I will point each and every single one of them, but I need to quit being hard on myself. I'll start small, by doing little things like being ok without wearing a full face of makeup all the time, and being comfortable in my own  skin. I'll take my positives and work with them and build them up over the negatives/flaws. It really helps having such a sweet boyfriend who constantly tells me I'm beautiful, even on the days when I'm definitely feeling less than that.

Give someone a compliment, and mean it.
One of my favorite bloggers and really one of the very first bloggy friends I had made is Kate and I love the friendship we had developed through the blog world. I never knew I could become so close with someone I had never met until this past September! She is such a sweet person and super genuine which is truly hard to find nowadays. Her love of Targs, sparkle, and champs speaks directly to me!! Go check her out if you haven't yet!!
Tell me something you are proud of, succeeded in, or are just generally pumped about?
Hmm...this one is a pretty hard question for me to answer. I'm proud of finishing school that is definitely a huge accomplishment in my eyes, it was a tough journey, but so glad when I walked across the stage and got my diploma!
I am pumped about spending a week in Houston this coming April. I will meet more of A's family and maybe do a little getaway while I'm there, just him and I!!
So join in on the positive vibes and answer the questions. If you do, I would love to read your post so leave the link in the comments below!!
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  1. Fabulous post girl!!!! You do have the most gorgeous hair and beautiful smile!!! Cutting ourselves some slack is so hard right? I honestly understand about being our own toughest critic! Congratulations about school that is a huge accomplishment!!! Thanks so much for sharing this post I really enjoyed reading it!!

  2. You truly do have gorgeous hair and a beautiful smile. Such a stunning woman. I need to start looking at the positives more than the negatives about myself. Sounds like a new 2015 goal to me.... :)

  3. Gorgeous smile (and teeth!) super jealous... I never got my teeth fixed as they were straight (just had a gap) and I regret it :-P

    You are too much, thank you so much for the sweet shout out! <3 you gurlie!

  4. I love the idea of cutting yourself some slack. That is so spot on! and you have THE most gorgeous hair!