Monday, October 6, 2014

Doing the Blogging Thing Again

Wowza guys, it has felt like forever since I've dusted off this old blog of mine. I had kept meaning to come back to it and blog, but something just always came up and the blog got put on the back burner. So much as happened in this month long hiatus and instead of bore you guys with words, here are a few pictures of the last month or so.

Finally met up with the lovely Kate & Emily for a blate!!

So so glad I can officially call myself a certified medical assistant, such a big accomplishment for me

Fall is in full effect here in Chicago, and my outfit choices definitely reflect that

Got my very first Alex & Ani bracelets with my sissy, only logical that it's a sister one <3 td="">

Some big changes possibly happening, this was the first interview I've had in over 3 years, eek

Had family in from New Jersey which meant we had to go out and have a great time!

Such a cute baby shower for a family friend, can't wait to welcome this bundle of joy in December!!

So now that everyone is caught up with my life so far, onto some blogging. I have been wanting to join Helene & Taylor for #BlogTober14, but again life got in the way. Now I am deciding to hunker down and join in on the fun!! 

Today's prompt is 10 things I'd tell myself when I first started blogging.

It's crazy to think it's been over 2 years since I've started this whole blogging thing and I've learned so much and met a bunch of awesome people in this time. Onto the prompt...

{1} Be consistent about posts...granted I'm not the greatest at this even after 2 years, but I still try

{2} Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!...add them and make them big enough so people can see them

{3} Network!!...commenting and being active in the blogosphere will get you very far

{4} Grammar counts people...proofread then proofread it again. I can't tell you the number of times I've read a blog with noticeable spelling mistakes, I'm guilty of this too though

{5} Don't sweat the haters...when you put yourself and life out there for the world to see, there are bound to be haters, but like T-Swizzle says Shake it off

{6} Don't be a no-reply blogger...if you have send me an email and I can't email you back then I most definitely won't be searching on ways to contact you, it's an easy fix so just do it

{7} Scheduling posts will be your bff...I cannot believe it took me so long to learn how to do this, but once you do so, it will quickly become your bestie

{8} Take a break at times...this contradicts #1, but every now and then you gotta take a break and collect your thoughts, god knows I've done this more than a few times

{9} Instagram is amazeballs...I love the connections I've made not just through blogging, but Instagram as well

{10} Blog design...this is an awesome investment, you don't need to spend a whole lot, look for designers who do a great job on the cheap...Brianna did mine and I love love loved working with her she listens and gives you everything you ask for and then some!! 

Mainly my biggest advice for anyone who is first starting out,  I would say enjoy the blogging world and be yourself over anything else.

Helene in Between Blogtober

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  1. So glad we got to finally meet up :-D

    That baby shower looks fabulous, and loving those Alex & Ani bracelets! Fingers crossed for good news on the job front!

  2. Love your A&A sister bracelets! I might steal your idea and give my sister one for her birthday this year. You finally posted about our blate too! lol