Thursday, October 9, 2014

Best Halloween Memory

Time for a little throwback guys, it is Thursday after all. I haven't done too much in the past few years for Halloween, but back in the college days was where it was at. I remember one year we "trick-o-treated" downtown in Lincoln Park and got handed a case of beer from one guy, that was awesome. My best memory would have to be when we all went down to U of I. I had always heard that the Halloween parties down at U of I were definitely one for the books and it didn't disappoint.

A lot of the weekend is slightly hazy, but thank god there are pictures to help remember. I dressed up like a cowgirl and it was back when I was skinnier so it was a great look. I think the boy also said that was his absolute favorite look on me.

oh hello 21 year old Nikki...

I don't remember a whole lot about this Halloween, but what I do remember is the absolute blast I had with my best friends and all the new friends I probably won't remember, be young again...

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