Friday, October 2, 2015

First Friday In October

Phew guys! We made it, it's finally Friday!! I still can't believe it's October y'all can you even?! You know what tomorrow is....

I hope they are playing Mean Girls tomorrow on TV in marathon form :)!


Let's recap the week shall we?

I recapped my fun weekend at my fiance's family wedding, that I braved solo (with my little sis, but we knew nobody).

I liked up with my girls Kate & Emily for their bi-weekly recipe swap link up! I made this for dinner and it seriously couldn't be any easier, or yummier! If you've wanted to try your hand at lasagna, I promise this is the easy way to do so :)!

On hump day, I blogged about how frustrating it is shopping for wedding dresses. I have only gone twice and I'm over it. I can't find anything I love within my budget and having tried on things outside of my budget, of course crushed me. Check out some of my wedding dress inspirations that I shared. This dress is by far my favorite of the bunch I posted.

I looooove the bold patterns and the color is so pretty and feminine, just love all the intricate detailing!

On Wednesday, I also participated in Helene's FREE webinar #GetNoticedNow. She has some amazing ideas and shared with all of us some easy and beneficial ways we can get more noticed. I loooove when she said, there's room for all of us at the top. It really made me feel like I could do more with my blog and get more exposure. I loved being able to make new friends and connect more with some bloggers I wouldn't necessarily have met outside of her webinar. I'm excited for future webinars that Helene may have, that girl knows her blogging, so much so that she has made it her full time job!!! Go Girl!

Helene In Between

Yesterday I posted about some of the fun and exciting things I am looking forward to in October including Luke Bryan shakin' it for me and a couple thousand of my closest friends ;)!


In case you missed out from reading some great blog posts from this week, here are some of my fave posts from this week.

~Mad For Plaid~
This plaid dress that Pamela picked up from Old Navy is so flippin' cute!! Even a non-fashion blogger can get with this because it's simple enough to style however you like. I love that she styled hers with booties, I would add a scarf and it'd be a perfect Fall look!

~A Day In The Life~
Let's face it, as bloggers we are pretty darn nosy. If we weren't, nobody would follow anyone on social media...I love posts like this because it gives you insight as to how someone goes about their day. I've been wanting to do a post like this, so I'll definitely have to try to plan something out.

~Fall To-Do List~
Kate has so many fun things on her Fall bucket list, I love that even the warmer temps in Florida don't stop her from getting into all the fun Fall has to offer. My biggest goal is definitely to over indulge in apple cider donuts, yummm!

~My Most Impactful Blog Posts~
I love that Helene points out the posts that have really shaped her blog in the 3 years of blogging!! Her post on SEO for Bloggers definitely helped me understand what it's all about and easy ways to incorporate it into my blogging!

~Cheesy Artichoke Dip~
Anything that's cheesy and a dip is a win-win in my book. I love that this recipe is perfect for bringing to a party or potluck, who doesn't like dip?? Can't wait to tackle this recipe soon!

~How Blogging Has Changed Over The Years~
Amanda laid it all out there and went back to the basics with this post and I loved it! She talked about the evolution of blogging over the past few years and it's crazy to see how different the blogging world is now than it was before! Check out this post to learn more about the awesome blogger that Amanda is :)!

~September 2015 Favorites~
Ok this girl is hilarious! I love watching her vlogs because she is so so comfortable in front of the camera and totally takes time on editing and making sure the video looks great. I also absolutely love that in this favorites video she did a great mix between high end products and drugstore faves because that's always hard to find nowadays, especially all in one video! Watch it asap, you won't regret it!

~Things That Make Me Stabby: Part Deux~
Y'all this girl is funny...even when people make her stabby, her writing just makes you laugh. I couldn't help but nod along to practically all of these circumstances, don't you hate when someone cuts you off at the last second and then gets mad at you?!? Also she's an adorb preggo gal, so check it out and give her some love!


Alright, I think that's all I got for you folks. Another successful week of blogging, go me!! I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend ahead! I'll leave you with the most basic of basic Fall pictures!

Linking up with my homegirl Amanda for Friday faves!


  1. Oh my gosh lasagna roll ups are my favorite thing to make on Sunday's because I get them for lunch on Monday's too haha! Holy pumpkins - those are huge lol! Thank you again for featuring me - so honored to have that shout out!! Happy Friday love! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Haha October 3 is my birthday and I LOVE sharing it with Mean Girls day :) I hope you have a great weekend!!

  3. I still can't get over how gorgeous those dresses are! And you know how jealous I am that you're going to see my man Luke! Thanks for the shout out gurlie <3

    Happy Friday!

    Green Fashionista

  4. Aww thank you so much for the shout out girl, you are too sweet! And omg that lasagna looks amazing! Hope you have an amazing weekend! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. That Lasagna looks amazing!! Going to have to check out your recipe!

  6. I'll be hoping that there is a Mean Girls Marathon tomorrow, as well. However if not I'm sure Luke will make up for it this month. I'm completely jealous that you get to go see him. Can't wait to read about it!

  7. Woohoo for Fridays! I really liked all your posts you shared from other bloggers - I always seem to miss the good stuff! And that picture in with all the pumpkins?! Adorable. Pretty sure I hearted that in instagram ;) Happy Friday!

  8. Heeeyyyy, thanks for the shoutout girlfriend! That Mean Girls meme cracks me up every single year! I think today I'm going to throw out grool and see how Amir reacts to it, lol.

    Also, please be sure to shake it double time when you see Luke. I LOVE him!

  9. I'm having difficulty finding "the dress" as well so I can totally relate - love that dress though. It is gorgeous!! - Svetlana @Life With a Side of Wine

  10. Aww thank you so much for featuring my favorites video!!! I'm glad that you enjoy my videos!!