Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend Recap

Hey guys! Are you as sad as I am that the weekend is over already?! I was definitely looking for that extra day to just relax since that didn't happen much this weekend.

On Friday, my sister and I went to the Nordstrom Spring Beauty Trend Cocktail Party. It was a fun experience, but kind of a cluster. There was hardly any structure and things were just placed all over. Plus the appetizers were tiny and the drinks were probably the only saving grace.

I went into the night excited to get all prettied up and just hang with my sister, but we were mostly separated throughout the night. I got my hair curled by T3 and I was loving how smooth and perfectly curled my hair looked. I know how to work my way around a wand and was not in the market for one, but learned some great tips. I kind of felt like the pressure was on to buy buy buy at all the different stations, I definitely didn't want or need to spend over $200 on a curling wand when I have a perfectly working one. I said I would think about it and walked away...oh well.

Next up I went for my facial with Erno Laszlo. The esthetician was very nice and personable, but I also felt slightly pressured to walk away with purchases. These skincare products are by far way out of my price range especially with a wedding up and coming. I did like some of the products used and my think about it in the future, but right now it was just too much out of my price range. I again politely said I would think about a few products and walked away.

Finally, I grabbed my last glass of wine before heading over to Nars to get my makeup done. Honestly this was my far my favorite part of the night. I had such a great makeup girl and she was giving me awesome tips and tricks on how to apply my makeup. Of course she was talking up some products, but I never felt pressure to buy anything. Turns out I ended up buying the most from Nars because I was loving some of their products.

I am going to end up returning the foundation because I didn't love the holding power compared to my UD Naked Skin Foundation. The lip colors and the setting powder are amazing and the 3 goodies on the left are free gift with purchases I got! 

I'm sorry, but constantly selling me on something is not the way to to me about the product normally and maybe I will decide on my own that I need the product.

Overall I was loving my makeup and hair by the time I had gotten home that I was sad that it all had to just be washed away. I kept my glam look going while eating dinner just to prolong taking it off. 

On Saturday,  I was so so excited that I finally got my first FabFitFun box in. I had seen a few celebs posting about this on Instagram and felt like I wanted to be a part of the goodness of it. I was thrilled to open up my box and love my goodies that I got. I'll do a full post on what exactly I got later this week. I highly recommend if you love subscription boxes and love getting full size products that are high quality and specially curated, sign up for this box! It works on a seasonal basis and you get over $200 worth of products for only $49.99, use this link to get $10 off your first box!

I didn't get sponsored to talk about this box, I just am really excited about the products I received and love how expensive everything feels inside. 

Later on Saturday, my cousin came over and we did stuff for the bridal shower and practiced for a special dance that's being done at the wedding reception.

On Sunday, after brunch plans were canceled with friends, I decided to make waffles to enjoy!

It was also National Siblings Day and of course I celebrated by posting this pic collage of my sissy and I. It makes me so sad that this time next year we won't be living together. She's seriously my best friend and when I think about how in 3 short months, we're going to be forever separated, it breaks my heart. I'm hoping lots and lots of visits are in our future or that she can just move down south with me :)!

Finally we ended the night by grabbing pizza at a new place that opened up with my cousin. Food, family and laughs are all that's needed to close out a great weekend!

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  1. ah you look so pretty from the event! that is so typical they were so pushy - so annoying. but at least the NARS person was nice! makes such a difference when they aren't pushy! happy monday girly!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Sounds like a fun event, minus all the pressure. UGH, I hate that kind of thing. How many ways can you nicely say 'no thank you' before it gets annoying on both ends? You looked amazing, lady!

  3. Your makeup looks so pretty! I also completely agree that I'm probably not going to buy something if people are hounding me about it, but instead if they just casually talk to me about the product then I can make my own personal opinion about whether I want to purchase. Waffles and pizza are always a great way to end a weekend!

  4. Oh gosh I know how you feel about your makeup looking good and you feel bad about washing it off!! I don't like when I feel like people are trying to "sell" me so I know that was annoying! Sorry the event was sort of a bust, but you did get some great products for NARS!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I hate when you feel pressured to buy stuff. It makes me NOT want to buy it that much more. Glad you had fun the rest of the time, though!

  6. I hate to feel pressured as well! But it sounds like a wonderful weekend!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  7. Your hair and makeup look amazing! I always avoid those things because I get sucked in so easily.. once a makeup guy in the mall talked me into buying $250 worth of makeup, and I was 20 years old and super broke haha that was like my life savings.

  8. Sounds fun but it gets old quickly when they start pressuring you to buy stuff! I hate that!

  9. I think I would be turned off by the pushy-ness, too! Sounds like such a nice weekend...that waffle looks AMAZING!

  10. Ugh, I hate when people try way too hard to sell you on something! It sounds like you got some great Nars products from a very real person though, and you looked beautiful after all of your pampering! I wouldn't have wanted to wash all of my makeup off either!

  11. Feeling pressured to purchase (especially expensive things) is definitely annoying. i love how your hair and makeup turned out. Nice NARS haul you got there and yay for the freebies!

  12. Looks like an absolutely fabulous weekend! Your makeup came out gorgeous at the Nordstrom event, sorry it was such a cluster but yay for drinks and a beautiful after glow. Cheers to a fabulous week <3
    Green Fashionista

  13. I'm sorry to hear the event wasn't all you hoped it to be, but you look so beautiful! I love Nars products, but just like you....don't love the foundation! I can't wait to hear about your dance ;)

  14. Your makeup is so pretty from the event! I am always bummed when events are just a pushy sales pitch.

  15. K yes your makeup was GORGEOUS, you have the PERFECT brows. like seriously, perfect arch and shape!! I've heard about the fab fit fun box! I'm excited to see your post about it because I've been curious about it, too! And also that waffle pic has me craving/ NEEDING waffles haah seriously looks so dang yummy!! xo C