Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I'm going to Hollywood!

Hey everyone!! Wow I feel so disconnected from the blogging world. I have been horrible lately with keeping up with emails, commenting and reading blogs. This week has been crazy and it barely started! If you don't know already I'm in New York/Jersey for this week and next and this week is all prep work for a wedding. We have been decorating and practicing for a flash mob dance like crazy. Plus all this food I've been eating makes me extra sleepy during the day. I hope that once the wedding madness is all over then I'll be back to somewhat normal postings again, but for now this lame excuse for a post is going to have to do. 

Monday was the bridal shower which was a ton of fun {minus all the prep work that was involved}. The theme was Hollywood and all the decorations and food {desserts especially} were to die for. The bride had a great time along with all the ladies in attendance. Here are the few pictures I have from the shower.

Not even all the food that was there {hummus burgers/brownies/chocolate covered strawberries/7 layer bean dip}

Rolling in on the red carpet!

Bridal shower banner and the brides chair

Party favors {plastic pop corn holders with popcorn and candy inside}

Full view of the room with all the decorations

The beautiful bride-to-be arriving to her bridal shower

We had to create an outfit for the bride to wear on her wedding night {my suggestion was not using any of the toilet paper} but we gave her cute lingerie {made from tp of course} and ended up winning this game!!

In this game, the bride was blindfolded and had to go threw a suitcase {which would be what she brings to her honeymoon in Tahiti, jealous} and she had to put on whatever she touched from the suitcase, this is the final product of what she would wear on her honeymoon, attractive right?!

My younger sister and I with the bride-to-be.

Overall, it was a very fun bridal shower and I loved how I got included in a lot of the stuff even though I'm not a bridesmaid and we are only family friends. The bride is the sweetest person and I'm glad she got to enjoy her bridal shower with her family and friends. I cannot wait for all the real festivities to begin on Thursday, all this practicing and decorating will have been well worth it!! Well check back here for more updates, probably not until Sunday, but I will try for earlier.

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