Friday, September 14, 2012

It's Friday, Friday, Friday!

Now you guys have the Rebecca Black song stuck in your head don't you?! I feel like I have been so MIA in the blog world and nobody can be blamed but yours truly. I have been in NY/NJ {and still am} since labor day and I feel like I haven't gotten any proper time to blog since then. Today's post will also be another pathetic post, but I wanted to link up with the Nail Files since I missed out last week. As a lot of you fellow bloggers know, it takes a lot of work writing a blog post and I just haven't been able to dedicate enough time. Last weekend I had a huge wedding to prep and attend for and it took my whole weekend, a review of the whole weekend will be coming sometime next week. Besides that, running around going to family members houses has been taking up a lot of the other days. So let's get straight to the link up with Vicki and Tara for Nail Files.

I got a manicure from a nail salon and wanted a muted color that will go with just about any outfit and something Fall friendly. This Color Club polish Ash Brown is the one I went with. I love how it's dark enough, but not too dark either.

What color are you sporting this week?
Go link up!

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  1. Ohhh, I really like that color! What a pretty color for fall! I've never seen color club polishes in a store before. Wonder where I could find it.

  2. I was wondering where you've been! And i love that color! So pretty and perfect for fall :)

  3. Love that color! I'm currently wearing Essie's Fiesta.

    Welcome back to bloggy world :)

  4. ugggghhh that song!!! Love the color!