Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Sissy

Happy Friday everyone!! Today's post is completely dedicated to my baby sis because it's her 24th birthday!!! I cannot believe you are getting so old now. 

Now I wanted to do a post today for her because last year when I wrote a post for her birthday, it happened to be the only blog post of mine that she actually read. My sister is my absolute best friend, future maid of honor, partner in crime, and Mindy Kaling look a like complete confidant. We have gone through so much in life together and managed to become closer and closer through the years. 

She is such a caring and genuine person who is always making everyone around her laugh and smile with her personality. I can act like a complete goofball in front of her and know she will out goof me ten fold. Sure, she annoys the crap out of me at times, but makes me want to be a better older sister everyday. Here's to your day today, let's eat lots of mexican food and drink yummy drinks! Love ya pistol!

Supermodel sissy!

And because it's Friday and it's the first Back that azz up, I had to participate. In honor of my silly and goofy sister, I am listening to this song because she has such a blast singing along to it.

What Does The Fox Say by Ylvis on Grooveshark

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