Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year's Eve Recap

Happy Friday y'all!! This week has totally felt off with New Year's being in the middle of the week. Can't wait for some normalcy back in my life now that the holidays are over with :(.

First off, Happy New Year!! 2013 started off kinda sucky with my uncle passing away in Feb and didn't really excel after that too much. My best friend did get engaged and have a super fun party, but I'm hopeful that 2014 is going to be a much better year. There's nothing like a fresh start to make you feel like you have your life together right?! I'm excited to be starting off the first month of the year spending it with my cousins and nephews in Colorado, 19 more days!!!!

Tomorrow I'm excited because I will be having all my friends over to celebrate our Friendsmas (a little late yes, but at least we're keeping the holiday spirit up a little after the fact). So much food, gifts, and fun will be had and I will of course try to take enough pictures and blog about it.

Now let's get to the real purpose of this post, New Year's Eve. This year I had made plans with my closest friends to go downtown to a pizza bar and celebrate that way. I got my tickets and everything was set until a few things almost hindered the plans altogether, thankfully everything worked out in the end and I had such a blast ringing in 2014 with people I love! Not too many pictures were taken because my phone was close to death and I wanted to save some battery life up to call my family at midnight. Here are some of the pictures from that night though!



In Chicago, we did get mother nature's fury with nonstop snow for like 2 days and that really sucked, but it felt nice being indoors on Wednesday. I'm going to start 2014 off with a new haircut (probably nothing dramatic, but nice to have some sort of physical change). Follow me on Instagram to see what it looks like!

What did you guys do for NYE? Make any resolutions?

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