Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Body Image: How I See Myself

Hey guys! So I don't really ever talk about body image, but it's definitely something that I think about daily. I know I'm by no means a skinny girl nor will I ever be, and that's totally ok with me. I remember those days in high school and earlier where I weighed under 100 pounds (my drivers license still says I'm 120 pounds, I'm sure I get laughed at by the DMV people). Plus the fact that my younger (and much prettier) sister still looks and weighs the same as she did in high school. She definitely got the skinny gene in our family and I'm kinda jealous of her for that. She also never has to watch what she eats or works out, yes you can hate on her as well. Well, a few weeks ago something hit me, I need to whip my ass in shape and I have to find a way to stick to it. That was back in the beginning of Feb (waited until Feb because I wanted to miss the crowd of resolutioners). I'm proud to say I've stuck to the work out regimen for the most part. I try to go to the gym at least 3-4 times a week, some weeks going more than others. I also try to give myself a break on weekends unless I'm working, then I'll go afterwards.

I love the way I feel when I go to the gym because not only am I doing it to not look preggo, but to help keep my health under control. I've found that working out also makes me want to eat better, maybe it goes hand in hand, but I do cheat and indulge every now and then. Of course I don't see any huge changes in my body, but I know if I keep at it, I'll finally see some changes. I was very hesitant to put this pic up there for all of the internets to see and judge, but after seeing Fal @ Fal Finds Happiness brave it out ad post her before and after pictures, I figured what the hell.

Before pic: Feb 1st, 2014

So there it is, I still can't believe I'm sharing that picture, but hopefully I can come back in a few months with an after picture that's better. My lovingly coined "preggo belly" except for me there is no baby baking in there. Again, I know that you may think 'oh that's not too bad', but I need to be able to see some changes. I want to lose my tummy and flatten it up as much as I can before wedding season this summer. I hate how I look in a bikini and probably won't be satisfied, but I'm hoping when I sport one in NOLA in June for my friends bachelorette party, I'll feel much more comfortable in one. So I'm doing this for myself (not a guy or to prove anything to anyone), but I'm hoping to keep at it for as long as I can and stay accountable for it. 

Any tips to stick with it are way more than welcome!!

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  1. You go girl!! Luckily you're already quite thin so you don't have a long way to go. The biggest advice to help keep the extra weight off is limiting carbs at night. I don't eat carbs at dinner prob 5 nights a week and I've noticed a difference. Get that NOLA body! lol

  2. thanks for sharing..your transparency is inspiring.
    and you're so right, if you keep at'll notice the difference. that's the hard part for sure. keep at it though!
    cant wait to follow your progress via the blogging world :)

  3. nikki, it's awesome that you're taking control of the situation and doing something about it; taking accountability and pushing yourself. kudos to you. weight loss is a tough and long journey but the harder you push and the longer you stick with it, the greater the reward and results. blogland is full with amazing support and fitness tips so ask away! message me if you want any suggestions. KEEP IT UP!

    thanks for linking up!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  4. body image is so hard for women, i truly thing you look great!