Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscars 2014 Recap

Happy Monday (if such a thing exists)! In case you were hiding under a rock yesterday, it was the most coveted night in Hollywood, The 86th Annual Oscar Awards. I absolutely loved the awards show yesterday, the performances, Ellen, the celebs, everything...well minus the fact that it went on until 11. I guess hearing Matthew M. say alright alright alright was worth it. Well before the winners were announced, the fashion took over the red carpet yesterday. I honestly thought everyone did a really good job dressing for the occasion and I definitely had my favorites, but there were a few celebs who slightly missed the mark. Here are my best & worst dressed for the 2014 Oscars (I did 2 separate categories, one for men and one for women, the men brought their A game yesterday so they deserve it).

Best Dressed (Women)

+ Lupita Nyong'o: For her very first Oscar awards, she killed it in the fashion department. She is my absolute favorite dressed from yesterday.

+Kate Hudson: Oh giiiiiiiirl, she looked hawwwt last night. I didn't see her on the carpet and when I finally saw a pic of her I was floored at how awesome she looked. 2nd fave for best dressed!

+Naomi Watts: I love this soft, feminine look on her and the statement necklace was done so effortlessly.

+Cate Blanchett: I loved the intricate detailing of the dress and the way she styled her hair complimented her dress well.

+Portia Di Rossi: This look was flawless on Portia. She did a great job of looking great, but not focusing all the attention on herself.

+Amy Adams: I love this blue color contrasting with her skin tone, but wish she kicked up the accessory game a little bit or kept her hair down.

+Charlize Theron: I was unsure about the sleeve thing, but after seeing the dress zoomed in, this was gorgeous. I think the shape fit her like a glove.

+Jennifer Lawrence: Honestly my girl can do no wrong. Even tripping in her dress she looks awesome. Love the color red on her.

+Julia Roberts: Love love love! I think this is a huge step up from her Golden Globe dress. She was glowing and looked 20 years younger, flawless!

+Sandra Bullock: I think she oozed classy in this dress. The rouching detail and the sweetheart neckline worked perfectly on her.

Best Dressed (Men)

+Bradley Cooper: Oh man, the coops can do no wrong in my eyes. Homeboy just chilled at the gym before the Oscars, and he still managed to look like this?!? Love the tux with his hair

+Leonardo DiCaprio: Even though he didn't win, he won in the fashion department for me. Such a simple, yet elegant suave look about him, he always wins.

+Matthew McConaghey: Best actor and the sexiest man alive, yes please..he rocked the popular white coat look effortlessly. Glad he gained back the weight he lost for DBC.

+Brad Pitt: I'm glad that he cut that horrendous long hair he had a while back because he looks like he is at his peak.

+Benedict Cumberbatch: Well he is quite the dapper gentleman in this suit. Perfectly coiffed and styled.

+Kevin Spacey: Ever since getting into House of Cards, I have this weird thing for Kevin, he pulled off this blue tux off so well.

Oh what a man in a well tailored suit/tux will do to me....

Here are some of the worst looks (IMO) from last night.

Worst Dressed

+Sally Hawkins: For being a nominee, she didn't look quite the part. I think the overall look is too matronly for such a young actress.

+Jessica Biel: I actually like the gown she wore because it suited her body type, but I don't like how she styled it. The hair is too simple, a pulled back look would be better and the necklace seems like a last minute add on.

+Kerry Washington: I love me some Oliva Pope, but this just looks like she found a big enough curtain, wrapped it around her and clipped it together. I feel like she could have found something way better for her beautiful bump. I do love her red lips and hair though.

+Anne Hathaway: I really wanted to love this dress, but as soon as she got on the stage I moved her from best to worst right away. The disco ball on her bust was far too much and I want her hair to grow back already!

+Angelina Jolie: I'm shocked she didn't wear yet another black dress, but I thought this looked like a dress an older woman would wear, might have looked better on Meryl or Bette, but even they looked way better than Jolie.

+Pharrell: Well he didn't have his hat on (until the performance) and I wasn't expecting the shorts, but of course he had to create a stir. I don't think the Oscars is the right platform for such a statement.

+Jennifer Garner: I love her hair, but this tiered look of the dress just doesn't work for me.

+Camila Alves: I love her and she's so fashion forward, but this long sleeve look just is too covered up for her. She has such a gorgeous body and I wish she found a dress that worked for her. This color was perfection on her though.

+Emma Watson: I don't hate this dress, but it's just way too simple for such a young actress. She could have gone a little more daring, but she played it pretty safe.

+Chrissy Teigen: I love Chrissy (and loved that she was live tweeting from the Oscars), but this dress just wasn't right for the Oscars. I know how comfortable she was in it, but I think it would have been better suited for the Grammy's or SAG awards.

So what did you guys think about the Oscars last night? Anyone agree or disagree with my choices?

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  1. Jennifer Lawrence for the win.. always! Such a breath of fresh air in Hollywood. I also loved that girlfriend went to town on the pizza that Ellen brought in. Awesome.

  2. Oscars went AWESOME. J.Law is my girl crush , Plus that oscars selfie has been my favourite thing to discuss all over again.

  3. I love all your picks for best and worst dressed! I didn't watch the Oscars (I don't have TV) but my goodness Pharrell looks like a hot mess, haha.

    Thanks for linkin' up!

  4. i forgot the oscars were on until twitter told me this morning! oops. but i did see that adorable selfie ellen posted on twitter and i love how everyone posed for the camera. that wins all the things!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  5. Love all your picks especially the guys! *wink wink*

  6. I love your pics!! Thanks for linking up!

  7. Lupita's dress is my fave out of all the pics of the actresses you posted. (I couldn't actually watch the Oscar's since I was working.) That shade of blue is just so pretty and it suited her nicely.