Monday, March 24, 2014

Girl, What's Your Sign?

Hey friends! Today I wanted to share some insight I received from a recent astrology reading I won in a giveaway on Tyler's blog. Now I've always been interested in horoscopes and learning more about all of that, although Yahoo horoscopes can only tell ya so much. Thanks to this reading, I now know where I get some of my personality quirks from. If you want an in-depth look into your astrology sign, Des is the girl you need to go to. She was incredibly easy and quick to work with and always was happy to answer any questions I had. I just wanted to share with you guys a little bit of what I got from this reading (the whole thing is pretty lengthy so I'll spare you guys that).

So this is what my chart looks like
(don't worry it makes zero sense to me either).

Next up she showed me the different chart types there are out there and where my sign puts me.

I thought this was a pretty cool visual way of seeing how my sign is balanced, I also think it's pretty true, I tend to be interested in a bunch of different things without much relation to each other.

Here are some of the main points to take away from my chart reading...

// Perfection runs in your blood

// Your dependable and sincere nature makes you wonderful in so many ways

// Your eyes are crystal clear, and they see the world in a practical and analytical way

// You have purity of thought and purpose in all that you do

// You have a lot of passionate feelings

// You may have a case of road rage, but it will benefit you to slow down & smell the roses

// You are an independent person, and you encourage others to be independent as well

// You can tend to be critical on yourself or others, and worry a lot

// You have a hard time relaxing because of your analytical mind

// You have a strong desire for being a mother

// You're a little quirky and odd, but it makes you fun and different

// You are imaginative and secretively sensitive

// You're very protective with your friends and loved ones

// You are very friendly, but only get really close to few

This is just a small gist of what my reading entailed. A lot of the things I read I found myself nodding along like "yup, that's definitely me" and some other things were new for me to find out. This reading isn't something that is meant to predict the future, but it can help figure out how your personality is and how your astrological sign can make you unique. If you guys are curious and want your own reading, definitely work with Des, not only is she meticulous, but she's quick at getting your reading out to you. 

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