Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wedding Craziness

Ok seriously guys I have felt so horrible about neglecting y'all, but with my New Orleans trip and my friends wedding happening, being on the computer cranking out blog posts was the last thing on my mind. One good thing about a stressful weekend is definitely the weight loss that comes along with it, but I think I gained that all back in the 3 days since, oh well. 

My friends wedding festivities all began on Thursday the 3rd. We started the day off getting mani's & pedi's which was a nice relaxing thing to do before the craziness of the weekend took over.

That evening was the bride's henna night. All of us bridesmaids got a little something put on as well. Overall it was a fun first night of events.

 The next morning we woke up bright and early for the next event. It is just a prayer done to bless the marriage and at the end we cover the bride (or groom depending on what side you're on) in a yellow paste to help her glow for the wedding. 

That afternoon I spent packing my bags to head to the hotel, but before leaving I left my parents' 30th anniversary present for them to come home and find after their BBQ. I got 2 canvas prints of them on their honeymoon and they loved it (also note the very original "card").

That evening was the 3rd event of the wedding festivities. What is called a garba or to most what it looks like is a bunch of people dancing in a circle. It's pretty fun and my feet were definitely sore the next day. I ended the night fairly early since I had a 4am wake up call for hair & makeup.

The next morning was the day of the wedding. After waking up and checking in with the bride to make sure she was set to go, I headed down to get my makeup done. It was definitely an early morning, but so much fun to get ready with the girls.

Gorgeous bride

Waiting for the first look pictures

Beautiful bouquet

but first....let's take a selfie with the bride

A few of the bridesmaids

The actual wedding was a blur since we were running around making sure everything was going off without a hitch, but I did get to capture the moment when the priest pronounced my friends husband & wife!

With the newly married couple
There was very little time to take bridal party pictures after the wedding and get ready for the reception, but I still managed to sneak away to the pool to soak my little piggies, this was much needed!

mimosa's were necessary at this point
After getting ready for the reception, we headed in the party bus with the newlyweds to the reception hall. The rest of the night was spent eating dessert, drinking adult beverages, and dancing the night away. Let's just say I still don't have the feeling back in my feet, so that tells you what you need to know. 

my partner in crime

sissy & I

As exhausting and time consuming as this wedding panned out to be, it was such a great experience being such an integral part of the planning and partying process. I wish my friends nothing but the best in their newly married lives and can't wait to join you guys in a few years ;).

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  1. Love all the different saris! Indian weddings are really beautiful! Her sparkly wedding dress at the end is gorgeous!!