Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Faves

Hey guys, thank God it's Friday today. I have been exhausted lately and with the holidays quickly approaching I haven't wanted to do anything but sleep on my free time. I did get most of my shopping done and have a little bit more to do, but all online thank god. 
High Five on Friday:
No I didn't get engaged yet, but I have been eyeing some rings since the boyfriend & I have been talking about it. I was shopping at Costco with a friend and stumbled upon their jewelry. They have the prettiest, shiniest rings and I had to try this one on. A even liked this one a lot, looks pretty on my finger I think.
I was so excited when I finally found a Starbucks that had this coffee mug in stock. I snagged it up and ordered a custom monogram to fit that empty spot. It's my first monogrammed piece and I love it. I heard people complaining about the lids not fitting properly, but when I washed it and dried it very well, it caused zero problems for me.

It was my gorgeous best friends birthday and we celebrated at Cheesecake Factory with tons of laughs. I love this girl and can't wait to spend many more birthdays with her.

I made a bouquet of flowers for my new boss after she lost her mother. I was proud of how pretty the bouquet turned out and she absolutely adored them, not to mention they smelled great thanks to those lillies.

At work yesterday we had our annual holiday party and it was the best year yet. I got an awesome gift from our gift exchange and ate so much I could barely move let alone work afterwards. I made cute festive cupcakes that everyone snacked on along with other delicious food!

 Fave song
(A & I have already chosen this song as our first dance at our wedding, insert googly eyes here)

Fave recipe
I can't wait to make this for Friendsmas. So cute, easy and healthy!

Fave holiday scent

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  1. Yayyyyyy for ring shopping! Can't wait to hear some exciting news :-D

    And aren't those grape santas the cutest?! I made them for our Christmas party last week and everyone loved them.

    P.S. I did a double take of your monogram because I immediately thought Neil Patrick Harris when I saw NPH :-P

  2. oh how exciting that you and the guy are having the ring discussion. That ring is gorgeous!!