Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Alas, it's yet another Monday and after a long holiday weekend. Not only am I stuffed, but I need a nap pronto. On Thanksgiving day I headed to my cousins house with my sister. My parents skipped out this year because they were too busy road tripping to North Carolina. This year was super chill and mostly about the food, which it should always be about. We had our tradition of mexican food (we don't eat Turkey so we do our own traditional Thanksgiving food). I was stuffed and ready to veg out for the night on the couch.

On Friday, my cousins and I went out to handle the crowds and shop a bit. Our first stop was my favorite happy place, Target. Luckily the one near my cousins house doesn't get too crowded so we got to browse around and shop peacefully. I didn't get a whole lot because there weren't any big ticket items I needed. I picked up a Sony blu-ray/streaming player for cheap along with some great movies!

Afterwards, we were crazy people and headed to the mall. It actually wasn't as psycho as I thought it was going to be (the longer hours may have helped thin out the crowd). I picked up a cute crew sweater from Pink along with some jeans from American Eagle.

One of my favorite purchases from this weekend has got to be my new boots I scored from Targs. It was 30% off and they could not be more perfect. I have a feeling these will be my go to boots for winter/fall.

Sorry for the crappy iPhone pic but it's a dark washed brown boot
From shopping we went out to brunch at this place I've heard a ton about, but never made it out to until now. I am hooked, this place is amazing and my boyfriend told me he's heard about it from the Food Network so apparently it's a big deal kind of place.

If you are ever in the area, look up Egg Harbor Cafe and get the s'mores hot chocolate, you won't regret it.
I also put up my Christmas decor (I know I didn't wait until after Thanksgiving, but I couldn't help it). It just felt like the holidays were upon us and I wanted the house to be festive so I went ahead and decorated. I didn't do a whole lot, but I have a little "nook" I have dedicated to holiday cheer :).

My sort of pathetic falling apart gingerbread house
P.s. most of my decor I scored from Target or Michaels on the cheap.
Alright, I think I rambled and ranted enough for a recap. Hope you all had a blast this weekend celebrating and eating with your loved ones.
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  1. All that food looks DELISH! And loving those boots.. great deal! Is your blanket scarf also from Target? If so, I have the same one ;-)

  2. Pretty Christmas decor! Love that lipstick and scarf too!