Monday, December 22, 2014

'Twas the Weekend Before Christmas...

Can you all believe we are at less than 5 days before the best day of the year Christmas!! I know everyone says this every year, but this year has truly flown by. The holidays have snuck up on me to say the very least and the fact that it'll be 2015 in about 2 weeks is blowing my mind. I wanted to just share a few snippets with what's been going on as far as the holiday madness.

Those silly boys I call my nephew are getting quite the toy story surprise come Christmas morning. After talking to their mom about what they needed and scouring the interwebs for appropriate gifts for a 4 & 2 year old, repectively this was the best I could do. They are HUGE fans of toy story and the 2 year old is obsessed with Jessie so he is going to love the plush I got for him. The older one loves Buzz Lightyear and will have a blast with his PJ's & plush. I so wish I could be there Christmas morning to see their faces, but FaceTime will have to suffice.
Le boyfriend got me these awesome headphones and I tore into them right when I got them, with his permission of course, and haven't stopped using them. I love them and they are so comfortable to wear for a long time. I had secretly wanted these for a while, but never put it on any wish lists or anything so the fact that he just guessed I'd want them was awesome!
Since the boyfriend doesn't read or know about this here blog, I'll show y'all what I got for him. I loveeee the Burberry Brit scent and have the her version so I figured what better to get him a scent I love ;). Also I got him a scarf and hat set since he will need it when he comes to visit in January, I don't think it'll be enough for his Texan blood, but it'll hopefully keep him warm.
Since I waited for what seemed like eons at the post office, I decided to snap a pic of my "santa sack" of gifts ready to be shipped off to their recipients. Thank god for tracking numbers so I can keep a watchful eye and let their owners know when they are supposed to check their front doors (would hate for it to be stolen which is unfortunately what I've been hearing a lot of lately).
My mom wanted me to make her a DIY ugly sweater for her work Christmas party and I think I did a pretty good job. This would mark the very first DIY project from Pinterest and hopefully if more continue to be this easy, I will continue it. I bought some tinsel, small ornaments, felt cloth (for the star), and some other little accessories to add to my tree. Use a handy dandy hot glue gun and go to town!
This is a fun new lip color I picked up for myself from Stila the color is Aria. This color is kind of out of the norm for me and I was a bit nervous getting it, but I feel like it is a pretty good transition color and especially great for the holidays and winter. If you haven't heard of or tried Stila's lip color I highly recommend it! I also have the color Patina and love the versatility of it, go get you some!
Finally, I'll leave y'all with my holiday nails. I did a pretty red color from China Glaze, gold glitter also from China Glaze and the red glitter is actually a liquid sand from OPI. I've gotten plenty of compliments already and hope they last me a while!
I hope you guys have a wonderful (short) work week ahead!!

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  1. Love your holiday mani! I did red too but now I wish I would have added some glitter. And that DIY ugly sweater is such a good idea! I never thought of making one myself!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes