Friday, September 18, 2015

Finally Friday

Boy oh boy, Friday could seriously not have come any sooner. This week was just exhausting, between a crazy work schedule, Fall allergies, and a surprise baby sprinkle I am utterly exhausted. I even slept an hour past my alarm yesterday which is so unlike me! I plan on getting plenty of sleep during the weekend and just decompressing. 

A lot of things at one of my jobs is weighing on my mind and I just get stressed out thinking about it, so I'm going to try to set it aside and enjoy my weekend. Prayers appreciated that everything works out on that front :)!

Let's get into what I'm loving from this week...

I have posted every single day this week!! I am proud because I have tried to get back into a blogging groove and love being able to get posts out that are prepared and thought out. In case you missed it, here are my posts from this week.


If you want some other good reads from Blogland, here are some of my faves from this week.

Biana shares some awesome beauty products, I know I'll be checking out a few of them from her list.

Kate highlights some of the products she's picked up from other bloggers. I get so many great products based on reviews from other bloggers.

If you are in need for some serious laughs, check out Helene's post about scam commenters, u.n.r.e.a.l!!

If you need some new items for your house, or are lusting over things to add to your dream home, you need to check out this post. The rug, sigh I need it!

Yum, just yum! Such a easy to follow recipe and you can make it your own!

This struck a chord with me because The View was so wrong about what they said about the Miss America contestant who came out to speak about a patient in her scrubs and "doctor stethoscope". Ignorance at it's finest on that show...bye Felicia. I loved Amanda's post and trust me you will too!


I picked up this mug from Target and I'm loving it. Only $3.99 and I'm thinking it'll be my new go-to hot cocoa mug this coming winter! I love the speckled look and the handle has a brassy feel, love it! Go and get you some!

I totally beat our fantasy league commissioner. I totally thought Sunday night that I was going to lose, but Monday night 3 of my players came through and scored 87.5 points between the 3 of them. I'm hoping to continue doing well during the season. Yay for the NFL being back!!

Speaking of things being back...PSL's. It was finally cool enough to get a hot drink from sbux. I definitely like the hot better than iced. Although next time I want to try the chai tea latte with pumpkin spice, a few bloggers have told me that it's great.

This was my hump day selfie. The sun was shining and I was loving it. 

Linking up with Amanda for Friday faves, also linking with April & friends for Five on Friday!


  1. Love that selfie you took - the lighting is perfect!! Thank you for the sweet shout out and so glad you liked the video! Woo hoo for posting all week - get it girl! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I loved Helen's post! Seriously I get the STRANGEST emails, but she had some that were just outrageous!!

  3. Those sunnies are fabulous girl in your selfie! And yay for posting every day this week, and thanks for the sweet shout out :)

    Happy Friday <3

    Green Fashionista

  4. I love that you posted your favorite blog posts this week! Makes it easier to catch up on some of my favorite blogs as well. You look gorgeous on your hump day selfie btw! I wish I could get into fantasy football. I'm more of a baseball kinda girl so I got you on Fantasy Baseball lol! Oh and congrats on blogging everyday this week. I'm trying to get back into the blogging grove so I understand lol!

    Happy Fri-YAY! ♥

  5. Hahaha my husband has the same Fantasy team name for one of his teams - LOVE it!! Hyde played so well! Also, I totally missed your salad on Tuesday, but it looks so good.

  6. Thanks for the shout out! Hope you get to decompress and catch up on some rest this weekend. Try not to worry or think about the work situation too much! Congrats on posting every day this week. I know how hard that is to do.