Thursday, March 6, 2014

Online Dating Stories {3}

Hey lovers! I'm already at the 3rd installment of these stories. I want to thank the guys who've emailed me and given me blog content, really appreciate it. Also, if you happened to stumble upon my blog and these posts, sorry just some real talk. 
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So this week was a short and not so sweet email from a wannabe suitor, let's read shall we.

Seriously dude?

Thanks Nene for the perfect GIF to show how I felt when I saw this email. So, "how are you tonight" was the best you could come up with? I mean has that ever got a response because it is so generic and impersonal, but hey if that works for you then keep at it, but no thanks.

So I know you must be like seriously Nikki there is hardly anything there to blast on him about....well let's just take a look at that tiny number right next to his pic, 43. Yes you read that right, he is a 43 year old man (just for reference, I'm 25 years young). Not only that, but he's seeking someone 25-45 years old, quite a range ya got there sir.

Can you tell I'm having fun with all these GIFs, they are just so perfect and fitting. Funny thing is, when he saw my age he must have had to see my age range of who I'm looking for, that range would be 25-29. Sorry not looking for a sugar daddy, or somebody's daddy.

Weigh in below loves!

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  1. haha! Love the Nene GIF...perfect reaction for that kind of email.