Thursday, March 13, 2014

Online Dating Stories {4}

Holy March! Well folks, if you've been following up with my online dating stories, I've got another treat for you with today's post. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, you can edumacate yourself herehere, and here. So when you're all done reading those posts, you can come back and join us. 

So onto today's subject...

Ok, so first off I don't really remember the first email I got from this guy, but then I checked the history and saw he emailed me TWICE before. So if you're counting, this would be the 3rd email he is sending my way. I obviously never responded to the other 2 and I wish I had saved those emails to show you guys, but I probably deleted it. 

This guy is a total stage 5 clinger. 

Hey I guess I can't knock the guy, he is definitely putting out all the effort out there, but it is coming off a bit pathetic and creepy. You just don't email a girl 3 times if she hasn't responded to a single one of your emails, you just don't. 

Now let's get onto the email itself, oh look he called me pretty, that's nice. Thanks for that dude, but just no. Second off, thanks for trying to make this whole distance thing work, but just no. That's really cool that you're lurking around my hood every.single.weekend. I will be sure to avoid the major hotspots in hopes I don't run into you (no but really). 

He just admitted he likes to talk, oh well that's just not gonna work for me. I have to be the "talker" in the relationship, just ask any of my friends. Now I love a man that is independent and able to speak for himself, but I love to talk and if you're all up in my space taking all the prime talking time up, when will I talk??

I'm sorry Kevin, I am unfortunately not looking for a stage 5 clinger at this time, maybe try again with a follow up email after 3 months (when my subscription is up).

Thoughts? Leave them below in my comments!

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  1. Ok I just read all of your online dating stories and I am dying at work right now. Do these guys really think they're being charming?! I've never tried any of the sites, but I've seen some of the messages people get on Tinder and it's just so awkward how some people approach online dating. Hope you find someone normal soon :)

  2. I can't stand dating sites. after trying for a year and a half and actually meeting on and then met one that i had met on one but knew him thru a mutual friend we had a friends with benefits but that didn't work. and every other guy i've ever talked to from an online dating site were a creep and wasn't who they said they were and some can't tell what you say to heart. like "don't text me again." until you start threatening and mentioning the law. i've changed my numbers hundreds of times b/c of that and never give out my email. it's just not worth my time anymore and dont plan on doing it anymore. okcupid, christian mingle, eharmony, they all suck. None of the guys i talked to really were charming and just wanted one thing and can't take a joke LOL