Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekending With My Love

Woah woah woah Monday, where the heck did you come from?! I swear this weekend flew by for me, not only was it a weekend that I had off (after 3 non-stop working weekends), but my fiance and his parents came to Chicago for 2 days! The bulk of the trip was meant finalizing things for the wedding, they looked at the venue (and loved it) and we discussed hotel rooms, etc. The other half was spent eating. I think we tried to pack in every "Chicago" staple in this weekend. It was so much fun, we accomplished a ton, and helped fill the gap until I see A again in less than a month for Thanksgiving!!

I was a super terrible blogger this weekend and took a whole 2 pictures the entire time, my bad!

My fiance and his parents landed mid-day on Friday so I picked them up from the airport and dropped his parents off to their relative's house while A came back to my house. We decided to do date night and headed over to Yard House. We love this place from Houston and knew when choosing places, this was it. I got the grilled cheese & tomato bisque soup...this was seriously the best grilled cheese ever, 4 different types of cheeses, avocado, and roasted tomatoes...yum!! My drink of the night was the Bikini Tini, it was delicious and made me feel like laying out on a beach someplace!

We started the morning out by heading to our venue with everyone to get an idea of what it will look like (since his parents have only seen pictures) and discuss timeline of events, etc. Lets just say a lot got done with that lol. Next we headed next door to the hotel to check out the rooms, we've already decided on the venue and hotel, but again this was the first time his parents were seeing anything so just to get a visual for it all it was nice. After all that we headed to this boutique to look for a designer bridal dress for me. I know I talked about possibly doing custom and at this point, I may go that route. Surprisingly it costs about as much as a ready-made dress and every single design piece I get to work with top-class fashion designers (in India) to create my dream dress. This is the inspiration piece I've given them, of course with some tweaks to make it perfect for me...can't wait to see (and show you guys) the sketch of the dress they come up with!!!

This is the dress I keep coming back to no matter what else I see so I know I will be so thrilled knowing that something like is will be what I'll be wearing walking down the aisle!!!

This day we were definitely slower in getting up, but when we did it was just in time for a massive lunch. My dad ordered food from the place we will be catering food from to pick some items that we'll be serving. It was a great way of taste testing food without being in a restaurant, everything was done at home! After the massive lunch, we all hung out and just talked until I had to take them to the airport :(.


It was such a quick trip for them, but it'll definitely hold me over until Thanksgiving. I'm glad they were able to come and see where we are at as far as wedding planning and visualize a lot.

Hope you guys all had a wonderful weekend. This is luckily a short week for me, since Thursday is the Luke Bryan concert, my weekend starts early!! Linking up with the gorgeous Biana for Weekending!


  1. Sounds like a fun filled family weekend. The food -- and drinks -- look amazing! Can't wait to see your wedding dress, I know it will be fabulous! Happy Monday!

  2. We have a Yard House here and it is amazing! I swear I could spend every weekend there and always have something new to try haha!

  3. What a fun filled wedding planning weekend!! So glad you were able to get so many details hammered out and the inspiration for your dress is just amazing!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. What a fun weekend with your love and his parents. It's great they could make it to see everything in person. What kind of venue did you chose? Love your traditional Indian dress too. Indian weddings are alway so pretty!

  5. OMG girl, I cannot wait to see the sketch of your dress! The one you posted is so gorgeous so I bet your custom one is going to be easily just as gorgeous! And love Yard House! I've never tried that drink but I need to!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend of wedding planning. How exciting that you might have the chance to wear a custom designer dress - that's amazing that it's about the same price as the pre-made ones!

  7. Sounds like such a great weekend! Amazing food and wedding planning? All of it sounds amazing. I can't wait to see the sketch of your custom dress!

  8. Yay for a fabulous weekend with your love, and for finalizing wedding details. That drink looks delish, and I can't wait to see a sketch of your dress <3

    Green Fashionista

  9. that dress will be incredible, are you serious?! stunning!!!