Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Faves | Last Day At Work

Happy Friday friends! I swear I was typing up a post yesterday and just fell asleep...this has been happening way too many times for it to be normal. I think the wedding stress/exhaustion has gotten to me lately.

Today is a bittersweet Friday for me because this is the very last day of work for me at my clinic. I literally cannot believe this is it for me and since October of 2014, I've learned so much and grown exponentially at the heart failure clinic. I've grown super close to my coworkers and have made lifelong friends. My coworkers are what makes leaving my job the hardest. Today will be tough, but I know I will party with them at my wedding in 3 short weeks and I'm thrilled for that! I'm hoping some happy hours/dinners out are slated for the next few weeks too!

On Wednesday, my coworkers through me a going away party and it couldn't have been better. I got some great presents from my work bestie and some amazing pizza and cake!!

How good does that cake look?! Welp, unfortunately I've got nothing else for you folks! I'm hoping to be better at the blogging game next week, but then again it's my favorite time of year....SHARK WEEK!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I'm heading to see The Fray & Gavin DeGraw and I'm beyond excited!!! Happy weekend :)!

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  1. What a cute cake! It's so hard to leave a job you love!

  2. I love the message on the sign behind you! And the cake is too cute! And funny with the hearts!

  3. How sweet your coworkers threw you a little party! The cake looks delish. Hope you get some rest this weekend as I'm sure this week was a struggle bus after your bachelorette in Miami.

  4. That is so sweet of them to throw you a going-away party! 3 more weeks!


  5. YAS shark week. haha. and yay for that party - looks like you were/are so loved girly! what a great feeling :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  6. Your coworkers were so awesome to throw you a going away party, and it sounds like they're really going to miss you! That cake is so pretty and looks so delicious!

  7. How sweet are your coworkers?! That cake looks beyond delicious.