Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Favorites | The One Before My Shower

Woohoo it's Friday!!! This week was seriously a doozy and flew by very quickly, I know I've probably been saying that a lot, but for real the weeks are just flying by and I feel like I'm semi-drowning. 

Tomorrow is my bridal shower and I literally cannot wait for it all to come together. I've been super stalking my bridal registry and am getting giddy with all the fun things people are picking out for me!! Of course I'll be back on Monday to share pictures, but follow along on Instagram and snapchat (npat62) to see all the fun!

This past Monday, I played hooky from work and explored the city with some friends who were in town from New York. It was fun to show them around the tourist spots, but we especially enjoyed drinks outside due to the beautiful weather!

Beautiful Buckingham Fountain with some threatening looking clouds, but it still ended up being a perfect day!

How cute was this shark spiked lemonade from Citizen Bar, perfectly refreshing and the gummy shark in the mason jar was just so adorable!

Navy Pier Beer Garden is something that you MUST visit if you are ever in Chicago, it is right along the water and so relaxing to just enjoy a beer or wine with some friends!

 My peonies have been a tad late in blooming, but they are plentiful and I can't wait to pick some more from the bush this weekend, smells so great and are gorgeous!!

 Celebrated National BFF day with my besties, gonna miss all these girls SO much when I move!!!

My coworker bestie has the most adorable baby boy ever!! He is so flirty and playful I just can't get enough, check out those chubby cheeks!!!! I keep telling her she needs to get him into baby modeling, don't you think so?!

Y'all, I'm on day 2 of a nutmeg/milk paste mask and I'm in love!! It's not your typical mask feel, but after slathering this on for 10-15 minutes, my skin does feel tremendously better and my acne/whiteheads have been cut down. I've been reading a ton about the benefits of nutmeg and can't wait to experiment some more with some different masks! Have you used nutmeg as a mask before?


What are you up to this weekend?? Linking up with Amanda for Friday faves!


  1. ah the weather is perfection in chicago! must spend it outside. and yay for shower time! so exciting :) have a wonderful weekend girly!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Ah can't wait to see all the details of your bridal shower - have the best time! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Glad those clouds didn't turn into something that would ruin your day! And that gummy shark in your drink is so cute! Have an amazing shower! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. Have an amazing weekend, I'm so excited to see pictures!!

  5. Hooray for your bridal shower! My sister used to give me such a hard time about looking at my registry before my showers until she got married and she understood how exciting it was! And hooray for showing your friends around Chicago! It's always so much fun to play hostess!

  6. Yay for your bridal shower! Hope you have tons of fun! I love showing friends around Chicago-love your photo of Buckingham! :)

  7. It's always fun to play tourist in your own city especially if you live in a cool city like Chicago and even better if you have nice weather. Your peonies are so pretty!

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  9. Looks like a fun weekend with your friends! I can't believe you have a peony BUSH! I am so jealous!! haha someone told me you can change the flower color by changing the PH levels in the soil or something like that? I hope your shower was amazing and you got spoiled :)