Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bachelor Dish

Hello lovelies!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far! If you guys have not been watching The Bachelor, you need to catch up and start watching, this season is just proving to be crazier and more emotionally unstable than ever before. Last night's episode proved to be a pretty entertaining one. At first, the dates were pretty boring and tame, but boy oh boy did it get better. Let's just recap a little.
*PS if you didn't see last nights episode and plan on watching, there will be spoilers*

Juan on Juan
 (like what I did there)
Clare was the first one on one date with Juan. Let's flashback to week 1, she was the psycho who stepped out with a fake pregnancy. I guess that worked pretty well with Des coming out in a wedding dress, but hey who knows. Well on the date, ABC must have built a make shift winter wonderland in the middle of LA. The played in the snow, went sledding, and did absolutely no getting to know each other. She got a rose on this date.

Juan on Juan dos
The second one on one went to Kat. I like her and was glad she got a one on one. I don't think she will be making it too far in the season, but she is fun and pretty. For their date, Juan took them on a private jet to Salt Lake City for the electric run. I quite frankly, would not love it if my first date was requiring me to run a race as fun as it looked. 

Group Date
Now this is when the real fun and entertainment started. The girls got to do a photo shoot with Juan to help puppies get adopted. I thought this idea was pretty cute, but I don't understand why there needed to be nudity, this wasn't for PETA. I like Andi and I get why she was nervous, I mean come on this is the first date and she has to get down to her birthday suit, hell I wouldn't wanna do that after a few dates. Another girl that I can't believe is still in this is Lucy. Let's recap, she's the "free spirit" and apparently loves being in the nude. She gladly takes one of the nude shoots from another girl, then she strolled the mean streets of LA in the nude, that was strange. After the photo shoot, they headed to a hotel for an after party. This is where Victoria (the girl from Brazil) went ham on the free booze. Basically, she got hammered, straddled imaginary things in the jacuzzi, and ended her night chilling in the bathroom stall. Juan wanted nothing to do with this and went back to the girls and acted like everything was normal, asking them to make sure she got out ok, whoops. ABC put her up at a hotel and Juan met with her in the morning and basically sent her home, how's that for a nasty hangover?

She likes to "straddle" things.


Am I surprised with these eliminations? Not at all. Amy L. did a fake interview with Juan which was equally awkward for me as I know it was for him. She sealed her fate with that stupid interview. Chantel was just far too forgettable. Also, ABC proves yet again, someone who has colored skin will not go very far in this show, sorry but it's the plain truth. I'm hoping for the dog lover and free spirit to be heading home next week, keeping my fingers crossed!

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  1. Ughhh yes please to the "free spirit" going home soon. I have a feeling the producers persuaded him to keep her around for a little while to provide entertainment *sigh*.

  2. The free spirit needs to go. I could not believe my eyes when I saw that listed as her "occupation."

    ps, just entered your starbucks giveaway! My fav is a caramel macchiatto :)

  3. Hippie chick needs to leave and get a hair brush. Oy! I feel like she'll be drama later this season and that's why she's still around. So far my favorite is Renee!

    Just entered your giveaway - I love the seasonal peppermint mocha and pumpkin spice latte!

  4. I love chai tea latte! Thanks for linking up. :) Also the straddling was just too far! xo

  5. Right now, white choc mochas :) In summer I love iced caramel machiattos!

  6. Cafe vanilla frapp in the summer, but right now it's gingerbread latte!

  7. Love your post! "Juan on Juan"... that's clever! I agree with you on who I'd like to see go home next week!
    I have a link up going on too. http://acutelifestyle.blogspot.com/2014/01/blogging-bachelor-week-2.html
    Stop over and say hi!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle