Monday, January 13, 2014

Best & Worst Dressed

Hey y'all! I know a lot of you were watching the Golden Globes last night (sorry for my crazy Twittering) and if you haven't maybe you heard about all the fashion. I love looking at all the different stars and what they will be wearing. I think a lot of people looks exquisite, but alas there are always those few who just don't get it. Here are my picks for best and worst dressed at the Golden Globes last night.

Best Dressed:
{} Amy Poehler- Ok not only was she HILARIOUS with Tina Fey, but she looked hot!!
{} Cate Blanchett- This dress just oozes elegance, she looks regal!
{} Jennifer Lawrence- This girl is my spirit animal and best friend. I love her jewelry pairing and she is rocking that hairdo! 
{} Kate Beckinsale- I want her body and this dress, she looks fantastic!!!
{} Kerry Washington- Not only is this dress incredible on her, but her baby bump is the perfect accessory! 
{} Lupita Nyong'o- Regal!! When I first saw her on the red carpet, I was blown away. For a newbie, she is doing all the right things!
{} Margot Robbie- I cannot believe she is only 23 years old and looks this great. I love this dress and the way she is selling it on the red carpet.
{}Olivia Wilde- This dress looks like it was painted onto her and her adorable bump is also a great accessory for her, love!
{} Sandra Bullock- At first this dress seemed a bit weird, but after seeing more and more I knew it was perfect, especially for Sandy! Love the peek-a-boo of colors on the inner lining.
{} Sofia Vergara- She is just exceptional, the necklace is the best part of this outfit and dresses up this little big black dress.

Worst Dressed:

{}Amber Heard- She was trying too hard to pull an Angelina with this look. The dress isn't actually bad it's the hair that's just all wrong.
{} Ariel Winter- This girl is actually really pretty, but this dress just ages her too much. I wish she did some soft waves instead of the slick hair.
{} Drew Barrymore- She is definitely glowing with her pregnancy, but this floral dress is just not right for the Globes. Plus, the awkward wannabe high low is just not working for me.
{} Elizabeth Moss- Um....what is this? I know this girl can dress and looks great, but this is NOT her best look.
{} Jessica Chastain- I think this dress is just too simple for the Globes. I also dislike her hair so much.
{} Kaley Cuoco- Oh Kaley, come on! I really want her to up her award show game, this dress just looks like a bad water color painting on a gown, plus the hair doesn't go at all.
{} Paula Patton- She is a gorgeous lady, but this dress is just the worst interpretation of her hubby's song Blurred Lines.
{} Sarah Hyland- She is another one of my faves on the red carpet and this dress isn't the worst, it's the hair and makeup that just don't work for me. She reminds me of Freida with that hair.
{} Zoe Saldana- Ok what is this, for real though?? It's like she found old scraps laying around and had it sewn together, another observation, she's holding her belly, baby news?!
{} Zooey Deschanel- I am not sure why this year she went with this monotonous look. The matchy matchy isn't working and the color is washing her out.

What were your thoughts on the fashion of the Globes? I of course had many other on my list of best and worst, but had to dwindle that number down for the purpose of this post. I think a lot of the winners were well-deserved, but I am confused about how Brooklyn Nine-Nine won for best comedy?!?

Since this was basically the jist of my weekend, I'm gonna link up with Showered with Design and Dateless in Dallas for Weekend Recap.

Showered With Design

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  1. i didn't like what julia roberts was wearing. is it a pants suit? an overall type thing? were you cold and wore a white shirt underneath? confusing!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Thanks for linking up gf!
    Sometimes I wonder what they were thinking when they decided to wear what they do. Then again, they probably have someone else decide for them!

    Showered With Design

  3. I hated Sandy's dress! I think that's the worst dressed. Also not a fan of Jennifer Lawrence dress. Overall, I like your pics for best and worst dressed :)

    I didn't know Drew Barrymore was pregnant! Who is the baby daddy?