Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What the What

What's up lovelies?! So yesterday I posted a tiny bit about my first date with this guy who was seemingly perfect in my eyes. Complete sweetheart, funny, liked country music, witty, the list can honestly go on. From my post on Friday here you can tell I was clearly really nervous about this first date. I really can't remember the last date I've been on with someone I'm genuinely interested in getting to know. So Friday came and I met him up at a chocolate lounge located close by both of our houses. We ordered our lattes and cookies n' creme cupcake and headed to a table to get to know each other. Thank god for the table because literally the entire time I was fidgeting with my ring and hairband. 

Conversation was flowing the whole time and we talked about our favorite travel spots, dream spots, hobbies, hot spots downtown (and the burbs), favorite movies & TV shows, etc. We practically closed the place down without realizing we were the only 2 customers left in the shop. It was then that we decided to head out and call it a night. Sure, I was kinda hoping for a continuation of the date, but I think for a first date it was ended on a good note. We let our cars start for a few mins and hugged goodbye.

I met up with some of my friends afterwards at a bar and they all were so excited to hear all about my date and I was glad to report to them that it went great (or at least I thought so). They were so excited to hear that and could tell from the smile on my face the rest of the night I had a good time.

The rest of my weekend was pretty busy so I didn't really think too much of it when I never got a text or anything from him (he mentioned that lately he has had to work from home on weekends). After consulting with some girlfriends, I decided to just text him Sunday evening after both games ended to just say hi and ask how the rest of his weekend went. Nothing. Not even a hi back. To be honest, that stung more than I thought it was going to. I decided to not let it affect me too much, maybe he was just too busy to respond. Well then Monday came and went and still nothing

I'm sorry to say that kind of pissed me off. This guy who seemed and acted really sweet and genuine in our emails and texts and in person doesn't give me the decency to at least respond back to my flippin' text?! The hell is up with that?? Even if he thought I was scum on the bottom on his shoe after the date, give me the decency to TELL ME THAT. I honestly cannot speak for him because I haven't a clue what his thoughts were and maybe he thought my nervousness on the date was off-putting and wanted a more confident woman. Or maybe he didn't like the fact that I was only 25 (he is 29, which isn't a huge age gap in my eyes). It would be lovely to know what he thought of me and why he decided to blow me off so easily. I'm a person. I have feelings. More than that, I'm a girl and I am a crazy hopeless romantic who completely romanticized this whole thing. Maybe that was my fault, am I sorry, hell no, that's who I am.

Well at this point, he's over and done with me so I'm moving on. I guess it's a perfect time to fly away to Colorado to visit my amazing cousin and her family. Who knows who I may run into there (I told you I am a hopeless romantic). I could be sitting next to the love of my life on the plane. 
T-minus 2 days til I go to Colorado, and I seriously cannot wait.
Look at this adorable specimen I have waiting for me there...

Who needs men when you have this little guy still rockin' his Xmas pj's a month later!

Well hope you liked reading my ridiculous rant on coffeeboy (what I will now refer to him as).

Peace out girl scouts!

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  1. this reminds me of the episode of friends when chandler has the hardest time with rachel's boss and doesn't know how to "end it" properly with her.

    in all seriousness, that sucks. he could at least just say something like 'this isn't going to work' etc instead of just leaving things hanging.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Have an amazing time in Colorado and live in the moment ;-)

    It sucks he doesn't even have the decency to respond, but look at it this way... you're better off. You don't want to be with someone who doesn't even have basic manners. Boooo!

  3. He could have responded but I think that's just not boys' style. (and yes - boy. Men respond. Boys don't.) At least now you know! Moving on!!

  4. That guy seems like a jerk! Seriously a text back wouldnt be that hard! Have fun in Colorado!!

  5. I decided to head over to your blog after you responded to one of my tweets a little bit ago and I'm glad I did!

    I can't believe this guy totally snubbed you like that. If he decided he wasn't interested for whatever reason, that's all he had to say to you! What a jerk! You are better off, and there are plenty of others out there who have much better manners. I am SUCH a hopeless romantic, too -- but trust me when you aren't looking for that special someone is when they will fall right into your lap!

    Love your blog lady! :)


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