Monday, January 27, 2014

Grammy Hits & Misses

Happy Monday y'all (I can say this with pride because I am still on vaca today, but after watching the fashion and concerts from yesterday's Grammy awards, I had to get a post up of my faves and not so faves as far as fashion is concerned. 

I'm also linking up with Bella & Lisa for Weekend Recap (however I won't be posting about my weekend, just the Grammy's. I will do a full recap of my Colorado trip next week hopefully).

Weekend Recap

So here are my picks for the best dressed (I wish more people were on this list, but there were just some bad dressers last night).

Best Dressed:

+ Taylor Swift: Love her or hate her, she looked amazeballs last night. Her accessories and makeup also pulled the whole look together effortlessly.
+ Queen Bey: Obviously she can do no wrong. She looked hawt on the red carpet and flawless during her performance. The love between her and Jay z is just unreal and romantic!
+ Chrissy Teigen: I have to say this is probably my favorite look from last night. Everything from her hair to her dress looked like perfection on her.
+ Ciara: So I had absolutely no clue homegirl was preggers and boy does she look great with that bump. She was glowing and that dress hugged her body perfectly.
+ Colbie Caillat: I love this dress because it's not something I would expect to see Colbie in. She wore that dress with so much confidence and flair.
+ Anna Kendrick: Not entirely sure why she was there (besides to present an award), but she looked hot in that dress.
+ Macklemore: I was going to crop out Ryan Lewis, but was far too lazy. Macklemore looked pretty good in my opinion. I think the Grammys is the perfect platform to dress outside the norm and he did it in the best way with a velvet suit.
+ Alicia Keys: I don't always love all of Alicia Keys' looks on the red carpet, but this one was a great look on her.
+ Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton: I like the both of them together in these outfits. Her formal gown and look paired with his definite country suave was a great pairing.
+ Tamar Braxton: I will admit I only know one thing about Tamar, that she is Toni Braxton's sister. Homegirl did look great tho, so props to her.

Worst Dressed:

+ P!nk: As much as I like her, this just wasn't a good look for her. The dress wasn't horrible, but the slit right up front was the big off put for me.
+ Zendaya: This girl is fashionable as hell, but this was a bad look. It looked disheveled and too conservative for such a young and up and coming singer.
+ Bonnie Mckee: I still don't know who this is, but I don't like her look. She needs to decide on one color for her hair and stick to it. Matching your clutch to the top half of your hair is not a good look.
+ Miguel: As much as I love his music, this was just a confusing look to take in. After looking at different angles of the outfit, I realized he is wearing thigh high leather boots, I didn't know they made men's thigh high boots.
+ KaceyMusgraves: I was shocked at her winning best country album, but this girl is too pretty to have worn this look. I didn't like that the color of the dress matched her skin tone. Plus the length was awkward.
+ Sara Bareilles: For a girl nominated for a lot this year, she did not look the part. She looked like a ruffle cake and the hair looks like she rolled out of bed and threw on the dress. Not cute...
+ Katy Perry: A lot of people liked this look on her, but I was not a fan. Her hair is really what killed it for me. Too many ruffles in weird spots too.
+ Pharrell: As much as I love him, this was just a strange look. The memes that his hat produced were hilarious. I thought he looked like the man with the yellow hat in Curious George. He looks good in a suit, he shoulda worn one.
+ Ariana Grande: Um...I just don't have much to say about her dress. I don't like the length or the print. Plus it was annoying to see how many times she played with her hair while being interviewed.
+ Madonna: Ya she looked strange last night. Plus she matched with her son. Also, she has a grill. Just all sorts of wrong, ditch the cane and pant suit and wear something a normal singer would wear.

What did you guys think about the fashion from last nights Grammys? Hope you guys have a great rest of your week, I have a special guest for tomorrows post so come back and tune in! 
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  1. I didnt see the grammy's due to work interferes with watchin any tv now a days. the bonnie person reminds me of myself with the hair color since you said that. i use do dye my hair alot. and its a way to express yourself. esp when you go the whole WOW factor like I do. :D