Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2013 Grammy's Recap

Being the music lover that I am, I was in love with everything Grammy related on Sunday! I watched {and took diligent notes} the red carpet arrivals of the stars and the 3.5 hour Grammy award show. It was glorious and I loved everything about the show from the fashion to the performances to the stories you talked about around the water cooler the next day. The Grammy's are a time where the best of the best in the music industry come out to celebrate each others greatness. 

Here are some of my thoughts on the fashion from the Grammy red carpet!

Carly Rae Jepsen
I think she looked sick at the Grammys and could have used a tan. I also think her hair looked sloppy and unkempt, for her first Grammy she should have set the bar higher. 

Carrie Underwood
Gorgeous!! She looked completely sultry and uber glamorous. I especially love the sparkly jewels wrapped around her neck. 

Miranda Lambert
I think she looked classic and stylish. I loved her whole outfit and the way her hair and jewelry played up the dress.

Taylor Swift
I think Tswizzle looked very etherial and like a grecian goddess, but I do wish she went the sexy and sultry route again. Her hair and makeup looked on point with the overall look.

Jennifer Lopez
Umm, I thought there was a dress code enforced at the Grammy's this year?! I don't like this A.Jolie copy cat look and this dress does not do her any justice. It is pretty unflattering and I don't especially like her stripper heels. I think she should have done a curve hugging dress with color and kept her hair down.

Adam Levine
Hot, Hot, Hot!!! I love the all black look and he looks super sleek and chic. Such a rocker look with the shades too!

Nicole Kidman
Gorgeous! I actually love this color and the intricate lace detailing of this dress. I didn't realize it right away, but the dress has some sheer parts and I thought that was a great detail. Her hair looks great too, simple and clean.

Kelly Rowland
Daaaaaaaaaang girl!!! I am loving this dress and her ways around the "dress code" CBS set in place. I think the simple hair and jewelry really accentuated the dress, which was a statement in and of itself.

Katy Perry
That color is amazeballs and the dress is definitely curve hugging. The contrast of her hair color and the dress looked great. Her girls did look like they were trying to escape and stole the show from her. 

Perfection!! This is my absolute favorite look and I'm obsessed with how amazing she looks! She kind of looks like she did at her first Grammy's with the hair and soft look. The red lips with the subtle, neutral makeup is great and I cannot get over how friggin great her hair looks!!

As much as I lurve Queen B, she disappointed with this pant suit. I think she was trying to be subtly classic, but with all the attention she has gotten the past few weeks, she should have came out in a great statement dress. I do love her shoes though!

Justin Timberlake
JT can do no wrong, well I guess he can...
...the eff is this?!?
boyfriend did look pretty hot in his suit & tie. I think my only critique would be the bow tie being a bit smaller, but besides that, hot & perfect!

I think she looks pretty, but I don't love this dress. It looks too matronly and I think she can look much better than this. Her hair looks so awesome though!

Natasha Bedingfield
I really love the structure of this dress on her body. I think the gold belt adds a glam rock element to the dress. At a quick glance, she kind of looks like a normal Lady Gaga?!

Hunter Hayes
Heya cutie!! I think the all black trend on the guys was a great look and worked really well for the new country crooner. I do, however, wish he wore some dress shoes rather than the sneakers. 

Now onto the performances. They were definitely memorable and just right! Some of my favorite performers of the night include:

-Taylor Swift: I think it was unique and different from what she is used to and I loved her take on Alice and Wonderland. She did look hot during the performance too, but her whole fake British accent wasn't classy, sorry homegirl.

-Ed Sheeran & Elton John: I love acoustic songs and The A Team is the greatest song to be showcased in acoustic form and Elton John was amazing, of course.

-Mumford & Sons: I love this song beyond words and thought it was such a high energy performance by the group. I was also really glad they won album of the year!

-Maroon 5 & Alicia Keys: Swoon over Adam Levine! I love the song Daylight and the dual performance with Alicia Keys was worked in seamlessly.

-Rihanna: I liked this softer and more vulnerable side of Riri, it's such a great change from the edgy girl we're all used to seeing. 

-Carrie Underwood: Perfection! She looked like a country princess and belted out Blown Away & Two Black Cadillacs like a true diva. I also thought the illusions that appeared on her dress was a really cool element.

-Justin Timberlake: He's baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!! I had been anticipating this performance and JT did not disappoint. Hands down, favorite performance of the night. I loved both songs and cannot wait for his new album to drop next month. 

So what did you all think of the Grammy's?
Who were your best and worst dressed celebs?
Favorite performances?

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  1. Any time Adam Levine covers up his tatoos he looks HOT! I'm just not a tatoo girl and he looks so trashy when his arms are out, but boyfriend looks good in a suit!

    I totally agree on J Lo.. bleck! And Taylor Swift's whole break up song and bashing her ex's is getting REALLY tired. She sounds like a whiny 14 year old.

    I'm not a big Rihanna fan, but she looked gorgeous! I'd say that's her best look ever! :)