Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Social {Week 38}

Happy Sunday friends! Quick thing before I get to the reason for this post, if you haven't entered yet for the Jamberry nail wraps giveaway on my blog, I highly recommend doing so now! 

Now back to regular programming, linking up for Sunday Social with Neely and Ashley.

Sunday Social

1. Biggest middle school fashion mistake?
I think pretty much everything I wore was a fashion mistake in middle school and it even went into high school a bit, times have definitely changed. Here is a picture of me after my middle school graduation, I had this long silky skirt deal and a matching cotton top...not attractive at all.

Sorry for the grainy quality picture, I took a picture of a picture since I was too lazy to scan them.

This picture is from 6th grade, but seriously pink overalls that cover my knees, what is that?! And the socks that meet the hem of the overalls, blasphemy! I won't even get started on the gym shoes I'm rocking.

2. Who were your best friends in high school? Pics?
I actually met my current best friend my freshman year of high school and we have been inseparable since then. She was a year older than me and I was kind of morphed into her group of friends, but we always had a blast. Here is a picture of us at junior/senior prom in 2005.

This is us 3 girls just the other night:

I'm still so thrilled to call them my best friends and future bridesmaids! 

3. What was a typical weekend like for you in high school?
Our group of friends was always up to something, but we were pretty good kids for the most part. I think our typical weekends in high school are similar to how we all are nowadays, minus the drinking. Just simply hanging out at someones house and laughing the night away, or "studying" at the library, we were there a LOT.

4. Did you have any boyfriends/girlfriends? Tell us about that.
I don't know that I want to label what I had as boyfriends, but I suppose at the time they were, but I see it more as people I dated for a brief period of time. I had a total of 3 "boyfriends" in high school. 
The first one was a 2 week relationship and I think I was dating him so I'd have a date to homecoming. 
The second was the guy I went to prom with, we got set up by mutual friends {he was from another school} and that was another couple weeks of a relationship. Here's us at prom:

The last guy I dated in high school actually was a 6 month relationship, which in high school years is like 100 years. He was again from a different school and actually a grade younger than me, but we met up at the mall and did the group date thing. He was a super sweet guy, but I was going away to college and I just knew it wasn't gonna work so I broke it off. 

5. Did you have any secret codes with your friends? Spill your secrets!
I don't think we did have any secret codes. More like inside jokes, but god if I could remember them right now since I can barely remember the ones we have recently. 

6. If you could relive one day/moment/experience from middle school or high school, what would it be?
I actually liked middle school a lot even though I was the new kid, I ran track and had friends who were in the "popular group", but I think out of all those years I would relive prom. I was there with all my best friends and I remember us just having an absolute blast. I might have changed my date now, but he was a perfect gentlemen that night and I'm glad I had a date to go with! 

I loved answering these questions because they brought back such terrific memories, but I do wish I had more pictures from then. I wasn't big into being in the pictures {see why in the above pictures}, but I was more the photographer type so I have tons of pictures of my friends just not with me in it. Now I'm big on taking pictures of everything {even my dinner} just to capture it as a memory! 



  1. You look so pretty in your prom pic!

  2. Those pink overalls! Oh my! And I also love your prom picture!!!

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  3. I love the colorful polka ones :D
    Those pictures are fun! I love the prom picture!!