Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bachelorette Fun

With the upcoming wedding season comes the much anticipated bachelorette party. This is the last time the bride-to-be will go paint the town red with her girlfriends. Yeah, sure you'll go out once you're married, but it'll never be the same. I've never been to a bachelorette party, but with one of my best friends' wedding coming up this summer, it calls for some bachelorette fun! Me and the other girls have been planning for quite some time already and through multiple emails I just know it's going to be a weekend none of us will forget. The plans so far are to go up to Wisconsin Dells {waterpark capital of the world} and spend the weekend at a gorgeous resort/cabin. One of the girls actually has a membership to the resort so she hooked us up with a great deal on our very own cabin. 

Now even though we're in Wisconsin that doesn't mean we won't have a blast while we are there. We've already planned on going to their Vegas-style night club on Saturday, planning a spa day, and lounging by the pool/bar. These things may not seem very "bachelorette", but the bride-to-be is not your typical girl, she is obsessed with Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings if that tells you anything. She isn't very girly girl and we've already decided no phallic objects will be present in our fun, but we will still have our dose of bachelorette fun. These are some of the ideas for games and fun I've found off of Pinterest. 

These are in my secret board so the bride-to-be doesn't find out about the fun, if you want the link you can email me separately!

{maybe do this with small moscato bottles instead}

{Lingerie guessing game-each girl brings lingerie that is representative of them and the bride-to-be guesses who it's from}

These are just a few of the ideas that I have for the big party, but since I'm a first time planner, it would be awesome to get some ideas from blogland on some fun games and things we can do during the bachelorette weekend. We are keeping it pretty clean {no boy-shaped objects unfortunately}, but we are a rowdy bunch and know that we will have a complete blast. This is going to be us in a nutshell:

{I'm unfortunately horrible with photoshop so I didn't even try to swap our faces for theirs, but you get a general idea}

So what are your girls weekend essentials? What games do we have to play during our weekend of fun? Leave any comments and suggestions down below!

thanks loverfaces!


  1. Oooh sounds like a fun weekend with your girls!

  2. Love it! This sounds like a great weekend! I've been to/help plan 2 bachelorette parties that were definitely PG-13 rather than R rated- haha! We still had a GREAT time, though! We didn't go out of town for either but we did have a "lingerie shower" at the house before we went out to the bars. I think we played (or wanted to play!) the game where you bring a pair of panties and have the bride guess who brought what. It's perfect too because then you get her stocked up on undies haha! We did scavenger hunts at the bars, went to a bar that had karaoke & just enjoyed girl time. It sounds like you have some great ideas for the weekend! I know y'all are gonna have a blast!