Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Social {Week 36}

Happy Sunday everyone! I feel that lately I have been in a blogging funk and I feel like I have no creativity left when it comes to blogging. I really need to take some time out of my schedule and think of post ideas and keep it interesting on my blog. I absolutely love link ups, but do need days where I blog for myself. I have my usual link ups and probably won't be letting those go for a while {i.e. Sunday Social}, but I need to venture out to normal posts as well during the week. We'll see how that goes in the next few weeks, but right now I'm linking up with Ashley & Neely for a little Sunday Social action and they're throwing it back to the good ol' days this week!

Sunday Social
1. What was your first car?
The first car I drove was my red '96 Toyota corolla. I loved that thing and drove it for a good 3-4 years until I got a new car and handed it down to my sister, who in turn totaled it a year or so after getting it. I was so sad to see it go, but glad I have my car now.

2. Who was your favorite childhood teacher?
I don't really remember too many of their names to be honest, but my 3rd grade teacher is probably my most memorable. She was so pretty and I remember her looking like a barbie doll, plus during the winter we read Polar Express and had a Polar Express day in class where we turned our classroom into a train and got to wear our pajamas and drink hot chocolate, it was the best day of school ever! I also was reminded about her because in high school, I graduated with her son and saw her at graduation. It was awesome seeing her after so long and she still remembered me! 

3. Were you involved in any sports/extracurricular activities? Share pictures if you can!
In middle school I ran track and kept that up for a year in high school. I was also on the badminton team during freshman year, but decided to leave sports after that. I've never really been a sports playing type of girl, more of a watcher. I did however participate in a couple after-school clubs in high school. I did the newspaper club, yearbook, multicultural club, and PALS/HOPE {basically a help the community club}. I don't have any pictures of the sports that I was in and probably don't have much from the clubs either, but here's what I found.
PALS/HOPE club during a Juvenile Diabetes walk

A friend & I before the multicultural show my senior year {look at that flat tummy, ugh}

4. What was your favorite birthday party?
I had a bunch of fun birthday parties as a kid, my 10th birthday is probably the only one I can vividly remember. I had a Mulan cake and a bunch of my friends came over and we played board games and it was awesome. As an adult, I think my 21st birthday was also my favorite because I got to spend it in Vegas and not too many people can say that they've done that. I don't remember a lot of the time spent there, but I had an absolute blast!
First night in Vegas & probably 10th cranberry vodka, oh the good ol' days.

Night of my actual birthday, wearing a princess crown of course!

5. Who was your teen celebrity crush?
Oh goodness, I was definitely boy crazy when I was a teen. Here are a few crushes from back in the day:

Mark-Paul Gosselaar {aka Zack Morris}

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Freddie Prinze Jr.

Justin Timberlake

There were probably so many more, I just can't think of them now.

6. What show/movie did your parents not allow you to watch?
My parents wouldn't let us watch a lot that was on MTV during our childhood, but eventually I started to watch it for the music videos. I also wasn't allowed to {and chose not to} watch scary movies because my parents knew I would get scared after watching them, clearly nothing has changed nowadays. 

I had an absolute blast with this throwback and wish I has some more pictures of my childhood to share with you guys. My parents would have made horrible bloggers because apparently they didn't take many pictures of the key moments in my life, or I'm just too lazy to go through all the pictures in the attic. I'll just blame my parents today, it's easier. 


  1. I'm sorry you've been in a blogging funk hun. I've been there and I feel like I either have too much to write about and not enough days in the week or I can't find something other than link ups to prepare some weeks. So weird how it works like that. Whenever, you do get an idea write it down so you'll remember it later on when you have time to prepare your post.

    And ditto on Freddie Prinze Jr! I was obsessed in high school! :)

  2. Stopping by for Sunday Social. :)

    I know what you mean re a blogging funk. I was like that a few weeks ago but I decided to just pick three week days to post and then Sunday Social is mandatory for me. LOL Anyways, I hope you have a good week ahead.

  3. I think we all get in blogging funks! Link-ups always help! And 21 in Vegas sounds fabulous!

    Stopping by from Sunday Social!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  4. Oh my gosh! I forgot about Freddie Prinze Jr and Zach Morris ;) two really good ones! We had the same first car, too! Mine was white though :) Sorry about the blogging funk- it'll pass I'm sure! When I feel that way, it helps me to write out my ideas as I get them & that way I kinda have a "plan" of things I want to write about. Hope maybe that helps :)

  5. I loved all those boys too aha. I think almost every single post I've read mentioned JTT - he was a heart breaker aha.