Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

I used to love linking up for Weekend Update, but since that is no more and a new link up has been created by none other than Sami, I knew I had to hop onto the fun! Also since I actually did something worth blogging about this weekend, I figured it was great timing. 

-The day before, my girlfriend and I made this death by chocolate and red velvet cake which was so delicious! 
-On valentine's day, my best friend and I got our single tushes together and ate some java chip frap ice cream & watched The Wedding Planner while talking about why boys suck.
-I had class during the day, but we had a little valentine's day potluck and of course had to get Chipotle.
-I did get a text from N which made my heart pitter patter, it was a nice feeling but flowers are nicer.
-This Bruno Mars song is my new favorite and I actually enjoyed listening to it on valentine's day!

-My friend asked me to take some engagement shots for their party invites, we had a blast taking these shots. These are the two from my iTouch. 
-After taking the pictures we headed to Cooper's Hawk for some sangria's and flatbread pizzas, delicious. The selfie was just awkward so I had to include it!

{one} Selfie in the bathroom of the restaurant we went to [Cantina Laredo-If you are ever in downtown Chicago and want Mexican food, go here!!]
{two} The beautiful birthday girl awkwardly posing.
{three} All of our margaritas, sooooo good!
{four} The whole crew waiting to be seated.
{five} These beautiful girls keep me sane.
{six} The crew at our private table.

This was basically my Sunday. Those margs were definitely deceiving and I had a bad hangover pretty much the entire day and took a few naps, super productive!

What shenanigans did you all get into this weekend?!


  1. That death by chocolate and red velvet cake looks ahhhhh mazing!!! YUM!

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend. Minus that last picture!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  3. Aw thanks for sticking around for the new link-up! Sounds like you had an awesome single girl Valentine's Day :) I can't remember if Cantina Laredo is where we went when I was in town but it looks familiar haha.