Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekly What {3}

Happy Saturday folks! If you live on the east coast, hope the snow fall wasn't too bad, it sucks that the east coast is getting wrecked with all this horrible weather lately, but stay safe wherever you are! I really love Saturdays not because I don't work, but because I can sleep in and I took full advantage of that today. It also helps if you are starting to feel sick, yuck! Well anywho, I am here to link up my week in posts with JennAllie, & Ricci for Weekly What!


This week was all about 2's. Some of the questions were harder to answer than others, but I had fun nonetheless!

I linked up with Jenn to see how I did with last Monday's goals {3.5/5} and made some new ones for the week. Come back on Monday to see how terribly I failed at this weeks goals! 

I talked about my everyday makeup that I use and the tools I use to put it all on with. I had fun doing this post and talking about makeup again!

I didn't post on Wednesday, but here's a fun gif to get you through to my Thursday post!

This fun weekend actually had to be postponed. We had plans of going this weekend, but now this won't be happening until the end of March. This does give us plenty more time to plan so any ideas, send em my way!! 

My every Friday link up, the Nail Files. I had my nails painted to root for the 49ers and can't wait to paint them another fun color for the upcoming week!

What did your week in posts look like?
Link up with these awesome girls!! 

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