Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekly What {4}

Happy Saturday! I'm linking up today with JennAllie, & Ricci for Weekly What. Check out their blogs for more info on this link up, but you basically put all of your weeks post onto one so it makes it easily accessible for everyone to catch up! Here's what my week looked like:


Last Sunday's questions were quite the throwback, but so much fun to answer. If you want to see what the story is behind this picture, check out the post!

The failure of my goals from last week was pretty sad, but hopefully I'm on the right track of fixing that problem. It helps to know that other bloggers didn't have a good week either, hoping for the best this coming Monday! 
Just like the penguin did, you just gotta get up and keep going!

2013 Grammy's Recap
I did a full run through of my favorite and least favorite looks from the celebs this year and the best performances! 
Not so best dressed

Best dressed looks

I basically talk about nothing today. I had a post that was supposed to be typed and ready to go, but my laziness took over and I moved it onto the next day. Instead you got me, talking mostly about nothing while sitting in class eating my lunch, real hard hitting stuff people!

In case you missed the memo, Thursday was Valentine's Day, or as I like to refer to {thanks to Amy Poehler from Parks & Rec} Galentine's Day. I filmed a vlog on how to do a romantic smokey eye using the UD Naked 2 palette and was very awkward while filming it. Here's the video in case you want to make fun of me later!

I painted my nails and talked about it on Friday, thank god you guys all appreciate it when I do something as big as painting my nails! I went anti-valentine's day and did a dark steel color instead, I loved it!

What did your week look like?
Link up with the fabulous trio and let's catch up!!

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